5 Ramadan Campaigns That We Absolutely Love!


We’ve come across so many Ramadan special campaigns in the past few years, but here are some that we just can’t get over!

#1. McDonald’s Took An Emotional Approach

In 2018, McDonald’s released an advertisement that showed us the daily duties of Muslim protogonist in Singapore, during Ramadan. On his last delivery, when it was time to end his fast, he was asked if he had something to eat. When he nodded, ‘Nope’, he was offered a box with eatables in it, named as the ‘Happy Sharing Box’. This was a beautiful ad that made people watch and appreciate it. Emotional ads like this help show the brand in a good light and increase customer loyalty. Watch the Ad: _woyt

#2. ‘The ¾ Pizza Box’ from Pizza2Go

Did you know that approximately 25% of Iftar food goes to waste during Ramadan? Pizza2Go brought this issue to light by creating a campaign that promoted a new range of pizzas that already had 25% of the pizza taken off, at a nominal price. These pizza slices were donated to the needy. This campaign not only helped the poor, but also helped the rich remember the value of a good food supply.

Thr3e Qu4rter Pizza Box
#3. TESCO’s #FoodLoveStory Campaign

With the start of Ramadan, comes great food and iftar parties, that one just can’t resist! However, during the 2020 Lockdown, when people had to stay at home and parties weren’t allowed, Tesco came up with a campaign called #FoodLoveStories where through videos they educated their audience on #Ramadan centric recipes using their products. This isn’t an emotional campaign like the ones mentioned earlier in this article, but it is one that has made good use of ‘Moment Marketing’ and given the audience exactly what they need. 

Food Love Stories
#4. Nando’s – A way with words!

Nando’s Social Media Campaign, another example of great and witty moment marketing, is quite impressive! Over the course of Ramadan, they marketed their meals keeping the auspicious month in mind. These creatives are a visual treat!

Iced Cappuccino
#5. LuLu HyperMarket – ‘Shop & Donate’ Drive

The well-renowned Hypermarket in UAE started a drive in collaboration with QC in Ramadan where people were given vouchers for donating their clothes. This drive helped raise QR 250,000 for the same cause. This campaign helped a lot of people in need and also increased brand awareness and recognition. 

Qatar Charity

We love this mix of helpful, emotional and relatable Ramadan centric offers and campaigns from the past few years. Are you excited to see the developments in Ramadan 2022?


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