BlogsHere’s why influencers will be on the top in this new era of digital marketing
Here's why influencers will be on the top in this new era of digital marketing

Here’s why influencers will be on the top in this new era of digital marketing

If you are a business and still haven’t tried promoting your brand through an influencer, you are missing out a lot. Influencers or influencer marketing has been in the early stages for the past few years but has recently bloomed and turned into a dominant marketing strategy.

The pandemic has boosted the use of social media and online marketplaces are earning a fortune. People use social media not just for entertainment but also for shopping. But what will make the people trust a particular brand they’ve never heard or seen before? There’s when influencers come into the scene.

Influencer marketing has established its presence in this modern era of marketing that the value of this industry has doubled from 2019, and it continues to grow every day.

Here are 5 reasons why we feel influencer marketing will be the new face of modern marketing:

#1. Influencers act as a bridge

They connect consumers with brands. Businesses no longer need to promote their content separately to a particular group with the same interests as their brands.

Influencers have emerged, and they carry a certain niche with expertise.

Their followers tend to either start gaining interest in it or the influencers attract new followers with similar interests. So brands can simply promote their product/service to these influencers and they will bridge the gap between the people & companies.

#2. They are credible

Influencers hold a special place in the hearts of their followers, sometimes even above well-known celebrities. It’s because the followers have seen them grow either from scratch or achieve milestones. They feel they are a part of their journey as influencers share almost every detail about them with their followers.

This builds trust and a sense of belonging among the audience and whatever the influencer does, people can easily trust them to give honest reviews and feedback.

#3. They affect the purchasing decision

People are served with a platter of similar options on the internet to decide which product they can purchase, and they often get confused about which one to choose.

The doubts still hang over the minds of the customer whether the product/service is as good as it’s advertised.

When an influencer shares its experience over a product/service, their followers can experience the entire process or even see the results. This acts as a deciding factor for the customers which affects their buying decision.

#4. Influencers provide loyal customers

You might not get thousands of customers from every single influencer, but the numbers you get will stay loyal to your brand. They bring quality and value to your brand.

Influencers save the time of building trust among the people by the businesses as the followers are already confident in the influencer’s decisions. That’s one of the reasons brands have started investing in huge numbers for influencer marketing than they did before.

#5. They might soon replace celebs to be the face of a brand

Who would you trust more?

A person whom you’ve known for a while and includes you in their daily life or someone who has a huge fan base and you have seen them on screens but never known much about their personal life.

The first option seems very wise, doesn’t it? That’s the reason brands are turning their heads towards influencers as they don’t charge heavy amounts and also make long-term relations with your consumers. There’s a high chance that influencers might take over the place of the celebrities and be the face of a brand.

To conclude

These are all the reasons why we think that influencer marketing will soon change the rules of marketing and emerge victorious among other practices. We would like to know your take on this; let us know in the comments below.


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