BlogsIs meme marketing still relevant today?
Is meme marketing still relevant today?

Is meme marketing still relevant today?

Short answer: Yes!

A detailed answer, Well, it’ll take a while to explain why memes are still trending and why marketers use it to drive engagement, so buckle up as you are in for a meme-rable ride (pun intended).

Internet is flooded with memes and users tend to spend a lot of time browsing, laughing, and sharing them with their online friends. A few brands started experimenting with using memes for marketing, and the response they received was phenomenal. Thus, it started the trend for meme marketing and it has been going on ever since.

Here are the top 5 reasons why meme marketing is in for the long run

#1. Generation Z

The successors of the Millenials, Generation Z or Gen z are the newest generations that include people born between the mid-1990s to 2000s. Brands prefer to target them as they are the trendsetters, trend followers, storehouse of engagement, and they love humor more than anything else.

The attention rate of Gen z is minimal and to catch that, brands need to do something more than just normal textbook marketing. And this is why memes make the ultimate tool to engage with Gen z as it stands out from the boring informational marketing

#2. Memes are relatable

How many times have you seen a meme and said it inside your mind, “Oh this is definitely me” or one of your friends pops up in your mind that makes you share it with him instantly? A lot of times, right?

That is because memes add a human touch. People want a human to talk instead of a corporate brand.

#3 They get viral

Who doesn’t love humor? Everyone loves to have a laugh and what’s more, is that people share humoristic posts without having any second thoughts. Memes take the spotlight to themselves and therefore increase the engagement on posts.

They are the ultimate share-worthy content that helps to maximize your reach. Even celebrities tend to have a pinch of humor to their life, so if you are making relatable memes, there’s a chance that a celeb might come across it and share it on its profile. Free advertising right there! How cool is it?

#4. Quick replies

Too much information will bore people up. On the other hand, just humor will distract the audience from your brand as they might only focus on the joke.

The main idea for creating and sharing memes is to make the audience laugh but looking from the marketing aspect it’s also important to share the necessary information that your brand conveys. Memes can be used to deliver information wrapped in the cloak of entertainment.

#5. Memes evolve from current events

It’s no joke (again a pun intended) that memes have turned into a medium of sharing the latest news from over the world. A person may not read a newspaper at all and still be up-to-date on all the present issues and happenings just by seeing memes.

Even some news channels prefer to use memes to share daily news & affairs. The point is memes are often on hot topics and users will pounce on them as they see.


Memes have been on the market for a long time and still trending. Some of the top brands have been making fortunes over it, but small businesses have also taken the sweet taste of getting a better reach & engagement through meme marketing.

We have our binoculars on and we still see memevertising running ahead of regular traditional advertising, not to mention we’re cheering for them as well (wink).

It isn’t going to fade away anytime sooner but we think that memes might replace traditional marketing in the near future.

Memes are one of the most low-cost strategies and they attract audiences whilst getting a great conversion rate. All you need is a knack for humor and some creativity


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