5 Digital Marketing Tactics You Must Use If You’re A Start-up!

May 31, 2022

For Start-ups evolving in 2022, an online presence can make or break their business front. It is important to have the right blend of social media platforms, SEO optimization, branding and website design and development along with consistent communications on all digital marketing fronts to ensure the best results for your developing business.
This can be a tedious process, but if you start off on the right foot, communicating your brand’s message to your ideal audience can be a lot easier. 

Here are Digital Marketing Tactics you can use if you’re a start-up to increase your relevance in today’s evolving digital market: 

5 Digital Marketing Tactics


The first step towards marketing yourself is making your brand appealing to your target audience. This is where Branding comes to your rescue! From choosing a color palette and fonts to creating your logo, every little detail must be well thought upon as your branding is a rather permanent starting structure for your business, which can be tweaked later on in the game. 

Branding is important to implement in all your digital marketing communications as that’s the best and safest way to attract long term customers.


Every trending platform may not work for your brand. While starting off, it’s important to not get overwhelmed with all the platforms available out there. Start with just 2 platforms ideally, and then move on to more later on. Remember to research on what platforms your target audience is most likely using, to get the most out of your communications. 

Social media marketing is the best way to spread brand awareness and engage with your audience and you need to be present and active on your chosen social platforms and don’t just ghost them everywhere. The platforms you choose must always stay updated as they are a vital front to your brand and its many products and services.

Choose Your Platforms Wisely - Eighty Six Media


Content Marketing is a vital part of our Digital Marketing Services as research shows that people are most likely to engage with your content first and then your brand. If your content isn’t appealing, no matter how good your product is, people are going to have a negative perception of your brand.

Making valuable content like tutorials, helpful blogs and videos on the other hand is content that your audience will find useful and hence, will have a positive perception of your brand and its products and services.

When it comes to creating a good content strategy, make sure you optimize the keywords across all your social media marketing channels and website, create relevant content that falls in the same category as your products and optimize your products and services to get the best results.

Pay Attention To Content Marketing - Eighty Six Media


Search Engine Optimization (SEOs) is what makes your website visible to an audience by ranking it higher on search engine results pages. This means you will get more targeted visitors to your website – visitors who are actively searching for your offering online. 

SEOs are not to be missed when planning your start-up’s digital marketing tactics as they help you get more organic traffic, targeted visitors and helps build brand awareness. 

A good mix of Technical, On-page and Off-page SEOs can assure you a lot more visitors, and isn’t a well-targeted audience great to start off with as a start-up? 


Once you have a powerful website, strong branding and a good social media presence, you should move on to Email Marketing, which can help you maintain relationships with customers as well as explore a potential market. Email marketing is an important inbound marketing tactic and helps build a community and personal relationship between your brand and the consumer.
You can start off by having people sign up to your mailing list through your website and then you can choose to revert back and keep in touch with these Visitors through powerful, product and consumer driven emails.
For startups with a limited budget, there are free websites like HubSpot and MailChimp that you can use to implement email marketing.
Email Marketing - Eighty Six Media

Flourishing in today’s digital age as a start-up can be overwhelming, but it isn’t impossible. If you’d like to implement the above tactics such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Branding and Website Development, click here to get in touch with us.


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