5 Steps to Expand Your Advertising Options Through Brand Positioning

September 19, 2022
5 Steps to Expand Your Advertising Options Through Brand Positioning

Branding and Advertising are two sides of the same coin.

In today’s ever changing society, advertising is just not enough. Brands need to pay close attention to Positioning their products and services to stand out in a highly competitive market. As a Marketing Agency in Abu Dhabi, we believe it is important to fill you in on ways you can improve your brand over time to increase your conversion rate. Let’s dive into it!

What is Brand Positioning?

Brand Positioning allows you to differentiate your brand from its competitors. While these two are related to each other, they have their own set of differences. Branding is about sticking a brand on to something, brand positioning is helping customers categorize your product in the market.


#1 Make sure your Branding is in place

Before you work on your branding, you should take time out to know your audience, competitors, goals, mission and values.

Good branding is one that is easy to grasp, one that isn’t trying too hard. As a Branding Agency, we like to create familiarity and trust through branding elements like Brand Voice, Tagline, Fonts, Colors, and more.

Choose your goal for Brand Positioning

#2 Choose your goal for Brand Positioning

Here are a few Brand Positioning Strategy ideas that may align with your business’ interests. Listed below are the different types of Brand Positioning Strategy Goals you can choose from:

  1. Customer Service Positioning – Positioning yourself as a customer-friendly business has its many benefits. For example, Apple’s products may come at a premium price, but the brand is known for having hands-on customer services. But, be sure to only promise what you can deliver. Positioning yourself as a customer-oriented business and not taking into account their needs can do more harm than good.
  2. Convenience-based Positioning – Convenience-based Positioning can help you highlight the importance of your product or service in the life of your audience, to help get ahead of your competitors. To go in this direction, you must make sure first check if the product/ service that you are offering is actually convenient or not. There’s nothing customers hate more than dishonest advertising.
  3. Price-based Positioning – A business may use this strategy to showcase their products or services as affordable in the market that can help generate a large sum of sales. However, this strategy too has drawbacks, one of the most prominent ones being: It gives the audience the idea that the production quality of your products is low. So the question in asking here is, do the cons outweigh the pros for you?
  4. Quality-based Positioning – This strategy is used often by Luxury Brands that want to emphasize the quality of their premium range of products that come at a rather higher price point. Budget-conscious customers may overlook your products, but ones that care about all things luxurious will definitely walk your way, with proper implementation of Quality-based Positioning in your Advertising Strategy.
  5. Social Media Positioning – This type of positioning is different from the rest as it uses a set of channels where your audience is most active, rather than a set channel to promote your products.

#3 Create your Brand Positioning Strategy

To make sure your Positioning works, you must have a strategy and take into consideration the following:

  1. Determine your Brand Positioning Goals.
  2. Identify your Competitors and Target Audiences.
  3. Conduct Competitor Research and Analysis 
  4. Create your positioning statement and supporting assets.
  5. Evaluate whether your positioning works. 
  6. Establish an emotional connection with your target audience.
  7. Create Value to keep your customers interested.

Use a Brand Positioning Map to Understand Where Your Advertising Fits as Compared to Competitors

#4 Use a Brand Positioning Map to Understand Where Your Advertising Fits As Compared to Competitors

A Brand Positioning Map can help you identify where your positioning and advertising efforts stand as compared to that of your competitors.

The attributes in the map are usually the values that your customers hold most dear with regards to your product/ service categories. By placing your business and that of your competitors, you can understand where you stand and how you can improve your positioning.

Be Creative, Always.

#5 Be Creative, Always.

This is the part where you must ensure that your Brand Positioning, when combined with your advertising efforts, builds excitement and curiosity. 

For example, recently in Dubai, McDonald’s converted its iconic Yellow Arches into a swing at popular locations like beaches and parks. This helped the audience stop and stare and directly connect with your brand. If there were a Burger King BillBoard right next to the Arch-Swings, which one would you be most likely to look at? The swings, right? This is a perfect example of Brand Positioning, aligned by Creative Advertising.

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