7 Important Website Design Principles to Get Better Leads

July 21, 2022
7 Important Website Design Principles to Get Better Leads

A good website design can bring you closer to your customers.

Ever wondered why websites like Amazon.com get millions of users, browsing mindlessly on them for hours on end everyday? It’s because, they don’t just have good products, but they also have a website interface that makes these products easy to browse through and highly accessible. But, before we get started on the 7 Important Website Design Principles to get better leads, let’s understand the importance of a good website design.

What are the Key Benefits of Having a Good Website Design?

We’ve been in the business of Website Design and Development in Abu Dhabi for years now, and from our collective experience, this is what we’ve learnt to be the key benefits of having a good website design:

  • Good First Impression
  • Makes your Brand seem more approachable 
  • Helps your website rank higher on the search engine
  • Improves user experience
  • Gives your brand a personality
  • Helps your stand out from your competitors

Let’s move on the the 7 Important Website Design Principles to get better leads:
UI/UX and Website Layout Design

#1 UI/UX and Website Layout Design

Your website should not just look good, but must also service a purpose. While designing and developing your website, we recommend always viewing it from your user’s point of view and implementing ways to improve their user experience. 

Our attention spans these days are very short, and hence good user experience can help retain your customers longer on your web pages.

#2 Pay close attention to Mobile Users

Mobile users are more likely to land on your website through social media promotions and influencer campaigns, as compared to people using desktops. So, it is important to make the mobile experience just as good as that of the desktop, if not better.

You don’t want your mobile users to have to pinch in to zoom and read the text. The content should be readily available to them.

Be it a desktop, ipad or mobile, always double check to see the format of your website before it goes live.  

Quality Content, Always

#3 Quality Content, Always

Using images or videos that are too large can result in the webpage loading speed to reduce, and break the attention chain of the viewer.

And images with low quality are unpleasant and not very professional. 

So, it is important to find a middle ground and use visuals suggested for your website. 

Apart from images and videos, your copy is important too. No one wants to read big paragraphs, so incline your writing style towards content that is short, catchy and informative. 

Make copy part of the design, with snappy headlines, subheadlines, and short paragraphs that are straight to the point. Remember that readers will skim, not read in detail, so ensure that something catches their attention.

Call to Actions (CTAs)

#4 Call to Actions (CTAs)

The purpose of your website is to get more leads, right?

So adding a Call to Action to help the user know the next step can be helpful and is a must add element for every website!

Visualize your goals and choose from the many CTA options such as Read More, Download Now, Contact Us, Buy Now, etc that fit your goals the best.

#5 SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization can help a larger group of people learn about your business. Make sure that you have a good SEO Strategy in place to ensure you get good quality results and highly targeted traffic. 

You want your website to be found because it will give you the opportunity to connect with customers without needing to chase them. 

#6 Showcase your work

In today’s world, Social Proof is important to build credibility. Your audience will want to see your past work to have a better understanding of your business and build trust.

You can add to your credibility by showcasing testimonials, case studies, etc. and actively engaging with your visitors. 

Adding a FAQs page, with good solutions and examples of your work can also add to your credibility and get your better leads.

Brand Identity and Consistency

#7 Brand Identity and Consistency

To increase your brand recall and recognition, it is important to build yourself a strong brand identity. This can be done by implementing consistency throughout all your communications, not just on your website but also your social media channels.

You can start off with creating a Brand Guide to help set your brand colors, fonts and vision in stone. This brand guide will make your business easily recognisable and contributes to its credibility. Get your Brand Guide and website done first, and everything else will follow naturally.

Designing your website and implementing the best development strategies right from the start is always recommended. But, it’s never too late to revamp your existing website to help get better results. If you’re looking to hire Website Design and Development Services in Abu Dhabi, click here to get in touch with us. 


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