7 Steps to Keep in Mind When Branding Your Business

June 3, 2022

Branding is the sole identity of your business. Good branding attracts your target audience, while little to no branding drives them away. So, in order to flourish as a business and build connections with your potential customers, it is important to constantly align your branding across all your brand’s communications.

Here are 7 steps to keep in mind when branding your business

1. Create your value proposition

If you’re new to the market, chances are that you have many competitors selling similar products and services to your target audience. Now, to move past the competition, it is important to appeal to your audience by providing them a USP (Unique Selling Point) which aligns with your branding and markets it to the right audience. 

Showcase how you can be valuable to your audience through branding and your leads will soar through the roof!

Create your value proposition

2. Become more recognizable

Investing in consistent branding can help your brand stand out and become more recognizable. Good branding helps increase the brand’s recall value. For example, the McDonald’s Red and Yellow palette and clown never fail to stand out and are widely known across the world.
Using your branding to build trust and a positive persona for your brand can work towards better brand recognition.
Become more recognizable

3. Define your brand personality and build relationships

Your brand can be easy and fun going or it can be serious, down to business. Based on who you want to sell your product to, work on a consistent approach for the voice and tone of your brand. 

Powerful brands often have a loyal customer base. They achieve this with good branding that makes the customer feel like something in their life is consistent and that helps form a special connection with your brand and its many products. Through well thought out branding, you can provide your customer base with positive experiences and build better and long lasting relationships. 

4. Conduct Market Research

Market research can help you get a deeper understanding of the ongoing industry trends, opportunities, customer preferences, buying habits, and conversations about your brand or others. 

Its an effective way to gather information about your customers and competition and conduct your branding in a way that stands out. Market research can also help you understand how to target your product to the ideal customer through branding. 

Conduct Market Research

5. Create Brand Assets

Choose elements that identify your brand. Apart from the logo, you can also work on aligning your brand’s fonts, packaging, colors and voice across all channels.

Something as small as designing elements may not seem so relevant but can come in handy to showcase your brand as a consistent and trustworthy one. 

Whichever logo, color scheme, and style you choose to brand your business, ensure that it is distinctive and easily recognizable.

6. Integrate your brand assets across all channels

Now your branding elements are ready, distribute them across your channels. For example, you can include visual assets such as your logo, colors, and fonts in all your messaging. 

A lengthier version of your brand’s tagline can work well as your brand’s story. 

Branded videos and posts that make use of all your branding assets can prove to be extremely valuable when it comes to strategising a marketing campaign. 

Integrate your brand assets across all channels

7. Be Consistent

Did you know that it takes 5-6 impressions to have a person recall your brand. 

Hence, it is important to stay consistent with your branding across all communication channels be it offline or online. Through social media or billboards. 

Is your brand voice youthful and casual on socials? Then there’s no need to be stiff on your blogs. Your customers should know what to expect or feel once they see your content, logos, or other brand assets. Consistency builds familiarity, trust, and loyalty. These feelings reflect successful branding.

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