Behold! This Advertising Masterpiece Loved By Anime FANS

February 11, 2022

2022 is all about fresh marketing ideas and the mind behind this advertisement for Honda Acura NSX, has blown us all away!

As part of the 2022 Virtual Sundance Festival, Honda released a 4 part anime series called, ‘Type S: Chiaki’s Journey’ which is already out on Youtube. This short anime series contains a young car protagonist who races around in her Red Acura. This is a bright way of using popular culture to market a product, and this campaign, released earlier in January 2022 has already gained over 193,887 views for the first episode alone, on YouTube.

“When it comes to racing, respect is earned the hard way.”, are Chiaki’s only words during the video and Toyota made sure to make this phrase highly effective.

Before Honda, Toyota has been known to have portrayed their product as an anime advertisement. But this series by Honda is not just an ad, it’s a more engaging way of storytelling and we’re loving it!

Watch the full series here:


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