Being Humane– How to add a human touch to your social media strategies

February 16, 2022
Gone are the days when you could sell your product, with mainstream promotional messages. In 2022, be it a clothing brand or a restaurant, there’s competition everywhere and to really stand out, its important to humanise your brand so your ideal audience can connect with you better. Here are ways you can add a humane touch to your marketing strategies in 2022!

#1. Educate, Don’t Just Sell.

Promotional messages are great, but definitely not enough in the digital world where a user has the freedom of swiping past your Instagram Ad. It is important to educate your audience about not just the product, but everything that can relate to it. For example, if you’re an interior designer, instead of just putting out your work, give them inspiration for a Pinterest-Room, tell your audience the do’s and don’ts of painting, etc. Your audience is likely to glance at your posts and ads for longer if they believe you’re not just promotional but helpful too.

#2. Engage with your audience.

To build a relationship of any kind, communication is utmost important and you can do that by engaging your audience in fun posts and stories and engaging on their posts through comments, likes, shares and shoutouts. When they realise this human touch that your brand possesses, they’re more likely to stay a little longer.

#3. Influence with Influencers.

No, we do not mean you need to go ahead and work with the most famous influencers that fit your budget. Instead, work with both micro and macro influencers that don’t only fit your budget, but also your brand’s niche. If you’re a brand selling hoodies, work with a fashion Influencer, likewise if you’re selling beauty products, work with an influencer in the beauty industry. This surges the likelihood of your products getting noticed by a highly specialised and targeted audience, that is much easier to track and connect with.

#4. Don’t Ghost Your Audience.

Ghosting is a human trait nobody enjoys and the end result is the same for the Digital world. To make your social media strategies work, you need to stay consistent in building a bond with your followers instead of posting and connecting as you please.

#5. Show them more of you.

To really portray your brand’s personality, it is important to show them your humane side. Show your audience a sneak peek into your life, how things work behind the scenes and share with them your vision
more vocally. This will definitely up your social media strategies, giving it a human touch.

Now that you know how to make meaningful co with your audience, stay tuned for another article on how to up your social media game!


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