January 30, 2022

Twitter came into existence in March, 2006 and we’ve seen some crazy good tweets since then! Here is a compilation of 10 of the most remarkable and witty tweets that we’ve come across since the beginning of Twitter!

#1. This tweet is so true that it hurts!
#2. If this isn’t you, you’re lying!
#3. This Tweet that proves you’re not alone!
#4. When Ryan Reynold made absolutely no sense and so much sense at the same time!
#5. When Hilary Clinton spoke for all of us!
#6. Back in 2017, when this Tweet was the most relevant thing on the internet!
#7. When Harry Styles celebrated his birthday using the lyrics of his ex, Taylor Swift’s song, ‘22’.
#8. This reply to Elon Musk by HotPockets, that just made us #LOL
#9. This Tweet that proves Chipotle is one of the wittiest brands out there!
#10. Lastly, this tweet by Uber we wish were true!

What do you think?

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