Brands Should Collaborate With Each Other. Here’s Why?

December 15, 2022
Brands Should Collaborate With Each Other. Here’s Why?

Tired of the same old social media boosting tactics? Are you looking for new and unique ways to reach out to a wider audience? Collaborating with another brand might just be what you need! And nope, this has nothing to do with Influencer Partnerships. This is all about how Brand to Brand Collaborations can attract not just a new audience, but also build a buzz for your brand and the bartered one without either of you having to spend too much.

As a social media marketing agency, we are always on the lookout for ways to enhance our marketing strategy and that’s how we came up with the idea for the Audi X Rain Collaboration.

The idea of two very different brands coming together— one an automobile and the other, a renowned cafe sounds odd, right? But what helped us connect these two together is their audience.

After weeks of research, we realized that the two brands in fact do share an audience that is similar to each other in ways such as Locals in and around Abu Dhabi, People that enjoyed premium products and unique experiences.

So we brought all our Teams together and built a collaborative campaign for the two brands, in honor of UAE’s 51st National Day. If you’ve stayed with us till here on this article, we’ve got news! The campaign is still on— so you can click here to check it out and see for yourself what two brands collaborating together look like.

Now coming to the benefits of a brand-to-brand collaboration, we believe there are way too many. But allow us to narrow some down for you before you make a decision to try this unique collaboration strategy for your own business!

Create an Interesting Buzz

Sure, Influencer Marketing is all the internet talks about right now and it does have versatile benefits to it, but when two big brands come together, they create a buzz like no other! A collaboration like this can make your brand visible to a new potential audience and expand your brand’s reach as well as engagement.

Shared Expenses

As a Digital Marketing and Branding Agency in Abu Dhabi, we have a history of dealing with a versatile set of brands— large businesses as well as ones just starting out. But Brand to Brand Collaborations don’t have to be expensive and that is why we would recommend it to all our Clients, without differentiating them by industry or budget. Not only can you and your partner brand control the budget, but also all your expenses will be shared— the ads that you boost, the influencers you work with, the merchandise you get made for the campaign, etc.

Welcome New Customers

If you’ve been running a business for a while now, you know every product launch or development requires thorough research on your audience and their needs. But when you collaborate with another brand on a campaign of choice, you can skip the effort and money spent on research and still open yourself to a set of new audiences that will interact with your brand. With the insights you receive post-campaign, you’ll have a better understanding of your potential audience and the opportunity you have to expand your customer base.

Increase in Profits

A well-planned, organized, and executed brand-to-brand collaboration will bring in more sales for both the brands involved through an increase in reach and engagement through your selected marketing channels.

High Brand Recall

It’s not every day you see two brands coming together and promoting their individual products, so the more unique your idea is, the better the brand recall will be amongst your combined set of audiences. Try to develop a memorable experience through your campaign and the people will remember you for years to come.

If you’re looking for a unique way to build your next campaign or a Social Media Marketing Strategy, click here to chat with us!


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