Do You Need A Grid Layout For Your Instagram Handle or Will Random Posting Do The Job?

January 20, 2022

Well Maintained Feed—
  • The look and feel of the feed is more pleasing to the eyes.
  • A well-maintained feed can prove to make a new viewer/ potential follower glance through for longer.
  • A good way to portray brand colors, aesthetics and designs, in a uniform manner.
  • A feed can be organized but still won’t look good if the photos you post are too similar to each other.
  • Feed must be kept in mind while taking photos and creating content.
  • One wrong post and your entire feed looks not so aesthetic anymore!
  • Instagram Collaborations need to be planned and discussed with the other account owner and a unified theme must be accepted for said post.
Not-So-Well Maintained Feed—


So, it’s really up to you to set your priorities straight! If you’re putting out aesthetic, well-maintained content on your feed, make sure it’s not too repetitive and make sure your posts are powerful.

Whereas if you choose to not have the add-on stress of maintaining your feed, that’s okay too. Just keep in mind smaller things like don’t put posts with too much text next to each other, make sure all your images are of similar quality and you should be good to go!


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