Here’s What You Should Do To Have The Algorithm Favor Your Content On Instagram

January 10, 2022

What really is an algorithm? Why does the algorithm ‘hate’ you? How to make the algorithm work for you? We’ve got all the answers you’re looking for, further in this article. Let’s go!

What is an algorithm?

To put it in simple words, an algorithm is a set of instructions given to the system to be followed to complete a task.

Instagram doesn’t have just one algorithm keeping the app alive, but it has many sets of algorithms working together to provide you the best experience on the platform.

Why does the algorithm ‘hate’ you?

There’s a common misconception that the algorithm favours accounts with blue ticks and more followers. That is not at all true.

Earlier, the algorithm was set in a chronological order wherein the posts and stories that you viewed were shown on your feed in the order that they were posted.

However, as the users on Instagram increased, it became almost impossible for one to see posts and stories of all their followers in one go. People missed out on content that really mattered to them.

This is where the new set of algorithms came into play. At present, the algorithm shows you the content of people that you most interact with. Interaction can be in any form such as liking and commenting on a post, sending someone a DM, saving a post, etc. This gives us an easy approach to have accounts most relevant to us shown at the top of our feed.

This also means that the algorithm doesn’t hate you. To really get engagement, you need to engage too. It’s a two way street and growing your account on Instagram in 2022 is probably not as difficult as it may seem.

How can you make the algorithm work for you?

There are plenty of ways to work around the algorithm for good reach and engagement. We’ve narrowed it down to three steps that we believe will help grow your account:

Step 1: Engage, Engage and Engage!

Follow, like, comment, save, message and share posts of those accounts that are most relevant to yours. No, you don’t have to secretly stalk your competitors. Instead, try building a healthy relationship with them. This will help you get the attention of their audience and vice versa.

Step 2: Use relevant hashtags.

Using hashtags that are relevant to your posts and your brand’s niche will work well and the algorithm will push your posts on the explore page of those who are most likely to purchase your products.

Step 3: Re-evaluate your content.

This last step is very crucial. If your content is all over the place and does not fall into one category, it will be harder for the algorithm to work in your favor. No, we’re not saying beauty bloggers can only post beauty content, but make sure if you want to be known as a Beauty Influencer, at least 80% of your posts should be related to your preferred niche. This will help the algorithms narrow down a more likely to engage audience set for you.

Now that you have all the info you need to understand the algorithms better, you can get started on your journey of building your brand and making it relevant to the right audience on Instagram!


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