Here’s Why You Need to Develop Faster Websites For Better Conversions…

January 15, 2022

In a sea of websites to purchase from, what can really make you stand out? Apart from the creative use of graphics and flow of words, of course. It’s how seamless the User Experience you’re willing to offer your potential customer.

In this century, users want things done fast. If one app doesn’t load, they move on to another. They’ve got options and they’re willing to test them all, to see what’s most comfortable for their needs.

Did you know?

After typing in the web URL, an average user spends not more than 4 seconds waiting for the web page to load, and if it doesn’t they just forget about the extra steps or move on to a competitor’s website.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using your website to sell products or you’re using it as a portfolio for your work, the point is– what matters is for it to be available to the audience when they need it most.

Have a look at the One Stop Car Wash Website, as an example:

As soon as you visit the above mentioned website, the web page loads within a second, for a user with an average internet connection. That’s the first important step in getting your audience to notice you.

Next, what’s the first thing you notice on the home page?

It’s the service that they’re offering, right?

There it is– the answer to your question as soon as the web page loads and that’s how it is done. That’s how you should keep your creatives– easy to scan through, good quality and a good flow of words without adding too many graphics and banners which might do more harm by slowing down the webpage.

In conclusion, the faster your website, the longer the viewer stays on your page. However , there are more factors like writing style and graphics that go hand in hand in maintaining your viewer’s attention. Nonetheless, focus on getting a faster web interface to boost your sales through the charts!


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