How Maintaining Your Social Media Feed Can Attract Your Ideal Audience

June 29, 2022
How Maintaining Your Social Media Feed Can Attract Your Ideal Audience

It is pretty clear– no pun intended, that Social Media Users enjoy bright, high resolution images and an overall aesthetic and consistent feed. But, what are the aspects to keep in mind while creating your own unique social media aesthetic? Team 86 has worked on Social Media Marketing in Abu Dhabi for some of the biggest businesses, and here’s how we made sure to align their social media feed with each brand’s unique set of goals.

Your guide to building the perfect social media feeds


What leads to most unappealing social media feeds is putting out content that is all over the place and cannot fit into one or a few specific categories. If you’re already an established business, you’ll know what category you fall in. But if you’re an upcoming Influencer, you need to narrow it down to what you like doing best. It could be beauty, fashion, food, travel or maybe a mix of those. Stick to that until you have a steady audience base and then create the type of content that your audience is engaging most with. 

By creating content that fits into one or a couple of categories, your feed aesthetic will also fall in sync. To make sure it looks more put together, use similar video editing styles for all the content that you put out there. 

Here are things to keep in mind while putting out the following content:

Instagram Reels: Be sure to create a catchy cover every time you put up a reel. If all your covers have similar fonts, layouts and color combinations, your feed is bound to look more put together and professional. 

Instagram Posts: Let’s understand what works here with an example. If you’re a delivery kitchen and most of your posts are static with phrases/ adjectives on them, be sure to make your design such that it’s easy to read from the feed view. You can alternate between text and food images while posting, so that when someone visits your profile, they can easily read your great copy and catch a glimpse of what you have to offer. 

Instagram Stories: While this category may not be directly visible on your main grid, you should create more stories that can be highlighted and create aesthetic highlight covers for them. This will help enhance your main feed with Highlights that are pleasing to the eye. 



If your brand is already established, you probably do already have a logo, color palette, font palette in check. But, if not, this is definitely something you should work on and incorporate into your feed.

Apart from the aesthetics, even matching the tone of voice across all your posts is important. If you’re happy and easy to communicate with the brand, it should be visible through your copy and graphics right from the time someone visits your profile. Hence, it is important to align your brand’s tone and voice with your feed content.


Before you get your ideal feed going, visualization is important. You don’t want to keep changing your feed’s aesthetics just cause it doesn’t look appealing to you anymore or you get bored of it.

Hence, it is important to create at least 9 posts in advance to plan out how your feed is going to look once they’re up. 

There are a lot of free apps such as Preview, Feed Planner, etc., available wherein you can add your content to get a good look and feel of how your real feed is going to look, without having to post the content first. From there, if you catch something that looks unappealing, you can always make changes to your original content. 

This can help you stay creative and keep your feed in sync from the very start.


A seamless grid is one where all your posts when put together in grid view, look like they are connected in some way. This gives out a very professional look and is something that a lot of great brands incorporate into their content. 

The key to building a seamless Instagram feed is to see the grid of photos not as individual images, but as a whole – whether that be a 3×1 row, or larger collections of squares – 3×2, 3×3, or 3×4.

Canva or Photoshop are great platforms that can help you create this look and you’ll find multiple tutorials on how to accomplish this on YouTube. 

You can also crop any image using an app like Instagram Grid or Planable and post it out in order to get the cool ‘seamless’ look.


While maintaining a feed, it is important to stay consistent at putting out the content and the type of content that you put out should always be created keeping your feed’s aesthetics in mind.   For example, for UAE’s 50th National Day, we knew that as a renowned Social Media Marketing Agency in Abu Dhabi, we had to create something unique.  So, we curated 6 posts that made sense, and looked appealing, only when put together. If we were to put out one or two of these posts and forget about the rest for a week or two, our feed would look not so aesthetically pleasing and every person that would visit our profile would be put down.  Hence, to keep a consistent front, we put out this content all in the same day to ensure that our feed doesn’t have a ‘bad feed day’. Looks cool, doesn’t it? 
Stay Consistent

As we come towards the end of this article, we’ve got one piece of advice for you: Remember to take it easy!

Planning your feed in advance and incorporating it on your social media channels doesn’t have to be stressful. Ideate and incorporate only the type of feed that you know you’ll be able to handle in the long run. Always think of the bigger picture when planning your brand’s social media feed. 

If you’re looking to have a more aesthetically pleasing front of your social media channels, you’ve landed on the right page. Click here to get in touch with us for more information on our Digital Marketing Services in UAE.


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