Influencer Marketing Vs. Paid Marketing Campaigns– What’s more suitable for your brand?

January 22, 2022

Both Influencer Marketing and innovative new paid marketing campaigns have taken the industry by storm, but at the end of the day– it comes down to what is the better choice for you? Let’s figure it out.

Influencer Marketing– Is it the new normal?

In the past years, influencer marketing has gained great popularity, especially on social media. Influencers offer a more personalized approach to getting the brand noticed by an audience as compared to paid campaigns. While the audience of said influencers might fall under a niche that the brand supports, the reaction to the product would still be more qualitative than quantitative. Whereas paid marketing offers the brand to target its core audience with options like demographic, psychographic methods. So well, yes, Influencer Marketing has upteem benefits, one cannot rely solely on it.

Is Paid Marketing Still Beneficial in this era?

Paid Marketing comes in both online and offline forms, and while back in the day, all advertisers had to do was show off their products at as many billboards as possible, it’s not as simple as the current situation, where each brand has a long list of competitors and to really stand out one must do more than just showing off the products. The product benefits, what the brand has to offer, etc., matter just as much. And in a time like this, where everyone is marketing themselves, the cost isn’t the only thing to keep in check. But, the marketing team must also focus on exclusivity and the USP of the brand and its products and market that with the use of paid mediums for best results.

So what’s better? Working with Influencers or Paid Marketing Campaigns?

Both methods are very powerful but can be just as useless if not marketed well. You can go with either one or ideally, a mix of both, but research on what’s worked well for your competitors, what hasn’t. Research your audience and put together a Marketing Mix that will shoot up your sales!


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