Instagram features that you shouldn’t miss in 2022

May 14, 2021
Instagram features that you shouldn't miss in 2022



Instagram has turned into one of the fastest-growing and most popular social networking platforms with over a billion users in 2021 and the numbers increasing every day. While users spend time scrolling through hundreds of posts, your content might get ignored if it contains the same old strategies.

Listed below are FIVE Instagram Features largely used by Instagram Marketing Companies that you should definitely try out to boost your business in 2022.

#1. Delete a single image/video from a carousel.


After nearly 4 years, the most requested wish is granted by Instagram as it will now allow the users to delete a specific photo from the carousel that’s been already uploaded.

Earlier, if a photo was uploaded by mistake in the carousel, users had to delete the entire post and then repeat the process all over again. Now, you will have the option to edit the carousel, Select the Post you wish to remove, and simply press the Delete option.

This new feature makes it easier than ever to manage your carousels if you find an issue in the posts after uploading. Carousels have been taking over single posts/videos in terms of engagement. (NOTE: This feature is only available for iOS users for now and will be made available soon on Android.)

#2. Link Stickers.


Your page no longer needs to have 10,000 followers to add external links to your stories using the Swipe-up feature. Instagram has recently replaced the swipe-up gesture with a Link sticker that will allow every user to add a link to their stories and share it publicly.

The link sticker is very useful for businesses as well as influencers who wish to share their other platforms or link their followers to their products.

To access this feature, go to the Stories, Add a sticker, select the link sticker, and paste your URL.

#3. Text-to-speech in Instagram reels.


After gaining popularity on TikTok, Instagram has now added the text-tospeech option on Reels. This new feature allows an auto-generated voice to read out the texts out loud.

Originally, this feature was introduced to add humor in the reels but it has turned out to be helping visually impaired people who have difficulty while reading.

Creators get to choose from 2 robotic voices from the text-option in the Reels camera. After recording the video, you can add the text from the menu.

#4. Quick replies


This feature has been on Instagram for a while but brands still don’t use it very often. It can get tiring for businesses that constantly have to reply to the same questions in their DMs.

Brands can list down the questions that they get asked frequently by the followers in their DMs and set up an Instant reply for it. This feature not only saves your time but also the followers’ as their queries get solved in an instant.

To set up a quick reply, head over to the Settings menu, tap on Business, Choose Quick replies and then Add the quick reply.

#5. Shop tab


This feature is a boon to all the businesses that have their products online. It allows the page owner to add their product catalog and display it as an ad on the feed or stories.

If users click on the product, they will get redirected to the website which may contain additional information about the product.



Which of the above features was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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