Key Trends and Insights: Social Media Marketing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

July 18, 2023
Key Trends and Insights: Social Media Marketing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

At Eighty-Six Media, we are passionate about digital marketing and the power of social media in transforming businesses. With years of experience and a team of talented professionals, we have established ourselves as a leading agency in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our mission is to help businesses thrive in the digital landscape by crafting innovative and effective social media strategies.

We believe in staying ahead of the curve, constantly adapting to the ever-evolving social media landscape. We take pride in our deep understanding of the local market dynamics, consumer behaviours, and emerging trends, which allows us to create tailored strategies for each client. Our objective is to empower businesses and marketers with practical strategies and actionable tips to maximize their social media marketing efforts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We understand the unique characteristics of these markets and the importance of tailoring marketing strategies to effectively engage with the target audience.

In this blog post, we will delve into the key trends and provide valuable insights that will help you navigate the ever-evolving social media landscape in these vibrant cities.

Importance of social media marketing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

As a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we at Eighty-Six Media understand the significance of social media marketing in these dynamic cities. Social media has become an integral part of the daily lives of residents in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, making it a powerful platform for businesses to connect with their target audience.

Allow us to elaborate on the importance of social media marketing in this region.

  1. Unparalleled Reach and Engagement: Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have an immense user base in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These platforms offer businesses an unparalleled opportunity to reach and engage with a vast audience. With millions of active users in the UAE, social media provides an effective channel to build brand awareness, promote products and services, and establish meaningful connections with potential customers.
  2. Targeting a Diverse Demographic: Dubai and Abu Dhabi are cosmopolitan cities with a diverse population comprising locals, expatriates, and tourists from various countries. Social media marketing allows businesses to tailor their messages to specific demographics, ensuring that their content resonates with the intended audience. Whether you’re targeting millennials, working professionals, or families, social media platforms offer advanced targeting options that enable precise audience segmentation.
  3. Influencer Culture and Word-of-Mouth Marketing: The influencer culture in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has witnessed significant growth in recent years. Influencers, who have amassed substantial followings on social media, play a crucial role in shaping consumer opinions and purchase decisions. Partnering with influencers relevant to your industry can enhance brand credibility, increase brand visibility, and drive conversions. Leveraging influencer marketing taps into the power of word-of-mouth recommendations, which hold significant sway in this region.
  4. Visual Appeal and Content Consumption Habits: Visual content has gained immense popularity in social media marketing, and this trend is particularly evident in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These cities are known for their breathtaking architecture, luxurious lifestyle, and stunning landscapes, making visual platforms like Instagram highly influential. By incorporating visually appealing and engaging content, businesses can captivate their audience, foster emotional connections, and stand out amidst the competitive landscape.
  5. Real-Time Customer Feedback and Relationship Building: Social media platforms offer an immediate and direct channel for businesses to engage in two-way communication with their audience. Through comments, direct messages, and reviews, customers can share their experiences, provide feedback, and ask questions. By actively participating in these conversations, businesses can build strong relationships with their customers, demonstrate excellent customer service, and address any concerns or issues promptly. This fosters customer loyalty and enhances brand reputation.
  6. Data-Driven Insights and Measurement: The availability of robust analytics tools on social media platforms empowers businesses to gather valuable data and insights. By analyzing key metrics such as reach, engagement, conversions, and audience demographics, businesses can gain a deep understanding of the behaviour and preferences of their target markets. This data-driven approach enables effective campaign optimization, the identification of trends, and the measurement of return on investment (ROI).

Social media marketing plays a pivotal role in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE, for businesses seeking to establish a strong online presence, connect with their target audience, and drive business growth.

Understanding the Social Media Landscape in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

As one of the most technologically advanced and digitally connected regions in the world, Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer a fertile ground for businesses to leverage social media platforms to engage with their target audience, build brand awareness, and drive conversions.

Understanding the social media landscape in these cities is crucial for any business aiming to establish a strong online presence and tap into the vast potential of the UAE market. Dubai, known for its global appeal and diverse demographics, presents a multitude of opportunities to connect with an international audience. On the other hand, Abu Dhabi, as the capital of the UAE, offers a more localized market, allowing businesses to focus on engaging with the local community.

Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have gained significant traction in these cities, and understanding the demographics and usage patterns will enable businesses to tailor their marketing strategies effectively.

Another important aspect of social media marketing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is the need for localized and culturally relevant content. Understanding the customs, traditions, and sensitivities of the local audience is crucial for businesses aiming to build meaningful connections.

The Dominance of Social Media Platforms in the UAE.

  • Facebook: With over 10 million active users in the UAE, Facebook continues to hold a strong presence in the social media landscape. It offers businesses an extensive reach and a wide range of advertising options to target their desired audience effectively.
  • Instagram: Instagram has experienced a meteoric rise in the UAE, with over 9 million active users. This visually-driven platform presents a golden opportunity for businesses to showcase their products or services creatively and engage with their audience through captivating visual content.
  • Twitter: While Twitter’s popularity may not be as dominant as Facebook and Instagram, it remains an influential platform in the UAE. Its real-time nature makes it an excellent platform for businesses to share timely updates, and news, and engage in conversations with their followers.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn plays a crucial role in the UAE’s professional landscape, with over 4 million users. It is an ideal platform for B2B businesses, allowing them to build meaningful connections, share industry insights, and establish thought leadership within their niche.
  • Snapchat: Snapchat has gained significant traction among the younger demographic in the UAE. Its interactive features and disappearing content make it an engaging platform for businesses targeting a younger audience.

The Mobile-First Culture in the UAE

The UAE boasts one of the highest mobile phone penetration rates globally, with a large percentage of the population accessing social media platforms via their smartphones. This mobile-first culture presents businesses with a unique opportunity to tailor their social media marketing strategies to mobile users, focusing on responsive design, short-form content, and mobile-friendly features.

Embracing Local and Multicultural Audiences

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are renowned for their diverse and multicultural communities. Businesses need to understand the nuances of this cultural melting pot and craft social media content that resonates with the local audience. By incorporating localized language, and cultural references, and understanding the traditions and customs, businesses can establish a deeper connection with their target market.

By recognizing the dominance of social media platforms, understanding the mobile-first culture, and embracing the diversity of the UAE, businesses can lay the foundation for successful social media marketing campaigns.

Understanding the unique characteristics of the Dubai and Abu Dhabi markets

As Eighty-Six Media, we understand the importance of recognizing the unique characteristics of the Dubai and Abu Dhabi markets when it comes to social media marketing. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Multicultural Demographics: Dubai and Abu Dhabi are melting pots of diverse cultures and nationalities. With a significant expatriate population, it is crucial to tailor your social media marketing efforts to reach a wide range of audiences. Consider creating content in multiple languages, understanding cultural nuances, and incorporating elements that resonate with different communities.
  2. High Internet and Social Media Penetration: The UAE boasts one of the highest rates of internet and social media penetration in the world. The majority of residents in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have access to smartphones and actively engage with social media platforms. Leverage this high digital connectivity by crafting engaging and visually appealing content that captures the attention of the tech-savvy population.
  3. Emphasis on Luxury and Exclusivity: Dubai and Abu Dhabi are renowned for their luxury markets, attracting high-net-worth individuals and luxury brands. Incorporating aspirational elements into your social media marketing campaigns can resonate with this audience. Showcase unique experiences, exclusive products, and premium services to align with the luxury-focused culture of the region.
  4. Strong Business Environment: Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi have thriving business ecosystems, with a significant number of startups, entrepreneurs, and multinational corporations. It presents an opportunity for B2B social media marketing, targeting decision-makers, industry professionals, and entrepreneurs. Focus on creating thought leadership content, providing industry insights, and networking opportunities through social media channels.
  5. Event-Focused Culture: Dubai and Abu Dhabi are known for hosting world-class events, including trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and festivals. Incorporate event marketing into your social media strategy by leveraging hashtags, real-time updates, and engaging with event attendees. Collaborate with event organizers and influencers to maximize your reach and visibility during these occasions.
  6. Local Sensitivities and Religious Considerations: It is essential to be aware of local sensitivities and religious considerations when conducting social media marketing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Respect cultural norms, adhere to local regulations, and avoid content that may be perceived as offensive or inappropriate. Customizing your content to align with local values will help you build trust and credibility with the audience.

By recognizing and adapting to these unique characteristics, you can effectively navigate the social media landscape in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, maximising the reach and impact of your marketing campaigns. At Eighty-Six Media, we have a deep understanding of these markets and can help tailor your social media strategies to resonate with the local audience while achieving your business goals.

Analyzing the target audience and demographics

When it comes to social media marketing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE, thoroughly analyzing the target audience and demographics is of utmost importance. By gaining a deep understanding of the audience we are trying to reach, we can tailor our strategies and content to effectively engage and resonate with them.

Here’s a closer look at how we analyze the target audience and demographics:

  1. Conducting market research: We begin by conducting extensive market research to identify the target audience’s characteristics, preferences, behaviours, and interests. We analyze existing data, surveys, and reports to gain insights into the demographics of the audience, such as age, gender, nationality, income level, and education.
  2. Identifying cultural nuances: Dubai and Abu Dhabi have a diverse population, consisting of both locals and expatriates from various countries and cultures. We delve into the cultural nuances of the target audience to understand their values, beliefs, and customs. This knowledge allows us to create culturally sensitive content that resonates with the local population while still being inclusive and appealing to the diverse expatriate community.
  3. Segmenting the audience: We segment the target audience based on various factors, including demographics, interests, behaviours, and buying patterns. This segmentation enables us to personalize our social media marketing strategies, ensuring that our content and messaging are tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each segment.
  4. Utilizing social media analytics: We leverage social media analytics tools to gather data and insights about our target audience’s online behaviour. These tools provide us with valuable information, such as engagement metrics, audience demographics, reach, and conversion rates. By analyzing this data, we can identify patterns, trends, and preferences of the target audience, allowing us to refine our social media marketing strategies and optimize our campaigns for better results.
  5. Monitoring industry trends: Staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and changes in social media usage is crucial. We continuously monitor and analyze trends in social media platforms, content formats, and user behaviours to ensure our strategies align with the evolving preferences of the target audience. This proactive approach enables us to adapt quickly and effectively to new opportunities and challenges in the social media landscape.

By thoroughly analyzing the target audience and demographics, we can develop highly targeted and impactful social media marketing campaigns that resonate with the people of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE. This approach ensures that our content is relevant, engaging, and drives the desired results for our clients.

Key Trends in Social Media Marketing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

As a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE, Eighty-Six Media is constantly at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape of social media marketing. We understand the importance of staying ahead of the trends and adapting our strategies to leverage the unique opportunities presented by the dynamic markets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Video content in social media marketing

Videos have become a powerful tool for brands to engage their audience, tell compelling stories, and convey their messages effectively. Videos offer a unique opportunity to captivate audiences with visually appealing and immersive content. They allow brands to showcase their products, services, and brand values more dynamically and interactively. The combination of visuals, audio, and storytelling elements in videos helps create a lasting impact on viewers and increases their engagement with the brand.

The consumption of video content has skyrocketed in recent years, with platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok gaining immense popularity among users in the UAE.

Localized and culturally relevant content

As a digital marketing agency specializing in social media marketing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we understand the immense value of catering content to the local audience. When it comes to social media marketing in the UAE, one size does not fit all. To truly connect with your target audience and make a lasting impact, it is crucial to create localized and culturally relevant content.

  • Significance of catering content to the local audience:

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are diverse cities with a rich blend of cultures and nationalities. To resonate with the local audience, it is important to understand their preferences, values, and interests. By tailoring your content specifically to the local audience, you can establish a deeper connection and build trust with your target market. This personalization can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts.

  • Importance of understanding local customs and traditions:

The UAE has a strong cultural identity and a set of customs and traditions that are deeply ingrained in the society. To avoid any cultural missteps and to ensure that your content is well-received, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of local customs and traditions. This includes respecting religious sensitivities, adhering to cultural norms, and avoiding any content that may be considered offensive or inappropriate. By demonstrating cultural sensitivity and awareness, you can effectively engage with your audience and avoid potential pitfalls.

  • Strategies for creating localized and culturally relevant content:
  1. Language: While English is widely spoken in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is important to consider the local languages, such as Arabic. Incorporating Arabic phrases, greetings, or even full translations can make your content more relatable and inclusive.
  2. Visuals: Use visuals that reflect the local environment, landmarks, and traditions. This can create a sense of familiarity and resonate with the local audience. Additionally, consider using images featuring people from diverse backgrounds to represent the multicultural nature of the cities.
  3. Holidays and Festivals: The UAE celebrates various holidays and festivals throughout the year, such as Eid, National Day, and Ramadan. Incorporating relevant content around these occasions shows that your brand is connected to the local culture and traditions.
  4. Influencers and Local Partnerships: Collaborating with local influencers and establishing partnerships with local businesses can help you tap into the local market effectively. Influencers and local partners can provide valuable insights, and cultural context, and help bridge the gap between your brand and the target audience.

By creating content that is tailored to the local audience and demonstrates cultural sensitivity, you can build a strong brand presence and connect with your target market on a deeper level. Remember, the UAE values its cultural heritage, and by respecting and embracing it in your social media marketing efforts, you can foster long-lasting relationships and drive meaningful engagement.

At Eighty-Six Media, we have extensive experience creating localized and culturally relevant content for social media marketing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We understand the nuances of the local market and can help your brand effectively navigate the cultural landscape to achieve maximum impact.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) plays a crucial role in modern social media marketing strategies, and incorporating it into your campaigns can bring numerous benefits to businesses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Let’s explore why user-generated content is valuable and provide some examples of successful UGC campaigns in the UAE.

  • Benefits of incorporating user-generated content in marketing strategies:
  1. Authenticity and Trust: User-generated content provides an authentic and genuine perspective on your brand. It is created by real customers who have experienced your products or services, which builds trust among your target audience. When people see UGC, they are more likely to trust the opinions and recommendations of fellow consumers over traditional advertisements.
  2. Increased Engagement: UGC has the power to drive higher engagement levels. When users participate in creating content related to your brand, they become emotionally invested in your products or services. This leads to increased likes, shares, comments, and overall engagement on social media platforms. It can also foster a sense of community and belonging among your customers.
  3. Cost-effective Content Generation: User-generated content provides an opportunity to obtain high-quality content without significant investments. Instead of creating all the content yourself, you can tap into the creativity of your customers. This not only saves time and resources but also diversifies the types of content you can share with your audience.
  4. Widening Reach and Visibility: When users create content and share it on their social media platforms, they expose your brand to their networks. This amplifies your reach and allows you to tap into new audiences that you may not have been able to target through traditional marketing methods. UGC has the potential to go viral and generate organic growth for your brand.

Here, at Eighty-Six Media, we understand the power and potential of UGC, and we encourage our clients to leverage it to enhance their brand presence and engagement.

Insights and Strategies for Effective Social Media Marketing

As a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Eighty-Six Media has gained valuable insights into the world of social media marketing. We understand the immense potential and impact that social media platforms hold for businesses in the UAE.

Content creation and curation:

As a leading digital marketing agency, Eighty-Six Media understands the importance of high-quality and engaging content in social media marketing. In a competitive landscape like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE, where brands are vying for attention, it’s crucial to stand out through compelling content that resonates with the target audience.

The Importance of High-quality and engaging content

In today’s fast-paced digital world, content is the driving force behind successful brand communication and customer engagement. Here’s why we believe investing in high-quality and engaging content is crucial:

  1. Captivating Attention: In a sea of online content, capturing the attention of your target audience is no easy task. By creating high-quality content that stands out, you have a better chance of grabbing and holding their attention. Compelling visuals, well-written copy, and unique storytelling techniques can make your brand more memorable and encourage users to spend more time engaging with your content.
  2. Building Trust and Credibility: Consumers are more likely to trust brands that consistently deliver valuable and well-crafted content. When you provide high-quality content, you position yourself as an authority in your industry, establishing trust and credibility with your audience. This trust is vital for building long-term relationships and converting followers into loyal customers.
  3. Enhancing Brand Perception: The quality of your content directly reflects the quality of your brand. If your content is poorly executed or lacks professionalism, it can negatively impact how your brand is perceived. On the other hand, high-quality content portrays your brand as trustworthy, reliable, and committed to excellence, enhancing your overall brand perception.
  4. Boosting Engagement and Interaction: Engaging content is more likely to spark conversations and interactions with your audience. By creating content that resonates with your target market, you encourage them to like, comment, share, and tag others, amplifying your reach and increasing brand visibility. Interactive content such as polls, quizzes, and contests can further boost engagement and create a sense of community around your brand.
  5. Driving Conversions and Sales: Ultimately, the goal of social media marketing is to drive conversions and sales. High-quality and engaging content plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. When your content is informative, persuasive, and tailored to your audience’s needs and pain points, it can drive user actions, such as clicking on a call-to-action, signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase.
  6. Increasing Organic Reach: Social media algorithms prioritize content that generates high engagement and provides value to users. By consistently delivering high-quality and engaging content, you increase your chances of appearing in your audience’s feeds organically. This, in turn, expands your organic reach, saves on advertising costs, and helps you build a loyal follower base.

Remember, high-quality and engaging content can be a game-changer for your brand in the competitive landscape of social media marketing. It sets you apart, fosters deeper connections with your audience, and drives the desired results. At Eighty-Six Media, we’re committed to helping our clients master the art of creating captivating content that resonates with their target market and yields exceptional outcomes.

Strategies for creating high-quality and engaging content

As a leading digital marketing agency, Eighty-Six Media understands the importance of high-quality and engaging content in social media marketing.

In a competitive landscape like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE, where brands are vying for attention, it’s crucial to stand out through compelling content that resonates with the target audience. Here are some key insights and strategies we employ when it comes to content creation and curation:

  1. Understanding the audience: Before creating content, we delve deep into understanding the preferences, interests, and demographics of the target audience in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. By conducting thorough market research and analyzing social media data, we gain valuable insights that shape our content strategy.
  2. Tailoring content to the local audience: The UAE has a unique cultural landscape, and it’s essential to create content that is culturally relevant and aligned with local customs. We incorporate elements of Emirati culture, traditions, and language to establish a deeper connection with the audience. By speaking their language, both literally and figuratively, brands can foster a sense of familiarity and authenticity.
  3. Diversifying content formats: To capture the attention of social media users, we understand the need to diversify content formats. While text-based posts are still relevant, visual content like images, videos, infographics, and animations are highly effective in conveying messages quickly and engagingly. By experimenting with different formats, we keep the content fresh and appealing.
  4. Storytelling: Humans are wired to connect with stories. Incorporating storytelling techniques into social media content helps create an emotional connection with the audience. We craft narratives that resonate with the target audience’s aspirations, values, and pain points. By evoking emotions and sparking conversations, storytelling helps build a loyal community around the brand.
  5. User-generated content: Encouraging user-generated content is a powerful way to engage the audience and enhance brand advocacy. We actively encourage users to share their experiences, reviews, and stories related to the brand. By curating and featuring user-generated content, we not only strengthen the relationship between the brand and its customers but also showcase authentic perspectives that resonate with the wider audience.
  6. Consistency and frequency: To maintain a strong presence on social media, it’s crucial to consistently produce and publish content. By establishing a content calendar and adhering to a consistent posting schedule, we ensure that the brand remains visible and engages with the audience regularly. However, quality should never be compromised for quantity, and we prioritize delivering valuable content over mere frequency.
  7. Monitoring and analyzing performance: We closely monitor the performance of content across different social media platforms. By analyzing key metrics such as engagement rate, reach, and conversions, we gain insights into what content resonates the most with the audience. This data-driven approach allows us to optimize future content strategies, ensuring continuous improvement and maximum impact.

Tips for creating compelling content tailored to the UAE audience

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE, where the social media landscape is highly competitive, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of your target audience.

Here are some tips for creating compelling content tailored to the UAE audience:

  1. Understand the local culture and preferences: To resonate with the UAE audience, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of their culture, traditions, and preferences. Take the time to research and familiarize yourself with the local customs, holidays, and significant events. Incorporating elements of the UAE culture in your content, such as using local dialects, symbols, or landmarks, can help establish a strong connection with your audience.
  2. Tell authentic and relatable stories: In the UAE, people value authenticity and relatability. Craft content that tells compelling stories and showcases real experiences. Share success stories of customers or clients who have benefited from your products or services. Additionally, consider highlighting local success stories and achievements to build trust and credibility with your audience.
  3. Utilize visual content effectively: Visual content is highly influential in capturing attention and engaging the UAE audience. Use high-quality images and videos that are visually appealing and resonate with your brand image. Incorporate vibrant colours, local landscapes, or cultural elements to create a visually captivating experience. Ensure that your visuals align with your brand’s tone and messaging.
  4. Leverage user-generated content: User-generated content (UGC) is an effective way to engage with your audience and build a sense of community. Encourage your followers to create and share content related to your brand. This could include testimonials, reviews, or photos/videos featuring your products or services. UGC not only enhances engagement but also adds credibility and authenticity to your brand.
  5. Create interactive and shareable content: UAE social media users are highly active and enjoy participating in interactive content. Consider incorporating polls, quizzes, contests, and challenges to encourage active engagement. Additionally, create shareable content, such as infographics, tutorials, or how-to guides. By making your content easily shareable, you increase the likelihood of reaching a wider audience and gaining more exposure.
  6. Stay up-to-date with current trends and topics: The UAE social media landscape is dynamic, with trends and topics constantly evolving. Stay informed about the latest trends, news, and viral content that resonate with your target audience. By integrating trending topics into your content, you can increase its relevance and appeal. However, ensure that the trends align with your brand values and objectives.
  7. Tailor content formats to platform preferences: Different social media platforms have varying preferences when it comes to content formats. Understand the platform-specific nuances and optimize your content accordingly. For example, Instagram favours visually appealing images and videos, while Twitter emphasizes concise and engaging text. By tailoring your content to each platform, you can maximize its impact and engagement potential.

Remember, the key to creating compelling content for the UAE audience lies in understanding their preferences, and cultural context, and staying relevant.

Community management:

Community management plays a vital role in social media marketing, allowing businesses to build strong relationships with their audience and foster a sense of belonging within their online communities.

At Eighty-Six Media, we understand the significance of effective community management in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE. By actively engaging with our clients’ followers and nurturing meaningful interactions, we have witnessed the power of community management in driving brand awareness, customer loyalty, and business growth.

Active engagement with the audience

Engaging with your audience goes beyond simply posting content; it involves building relationships, fostering trust, and creating a sense of community. Here’s why active engagement is crucial:

  1. Building brand loyalty: When you actively engage with your audience, it shows that you value their opinions, feedback, and contributions. This builds a sense of loyalty towards your brand, as customers feel heard and appreciated. By consistently responding to comments, messages, and mentions, you can establish a strong connection with your audience, leading to increased trust and brand advocacy.
  2. Creating a positive brand image: Active engagement allows you to shape and maintain a positive brand image. When customers have questions, concerns, or issues, responding promptly and empathetically demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction. By addressing feedback and resolving problems openly and transparently, you can showcase your brand’s dedication to providing a positive customer experience.
  3. Increasing reach and visibility: Social media algorithms favour content that generates engagement. When your audience actively engages with your posts through likes, comments, and shares, it signals to the platform that your content is valuable and relevant. As a result, social media algorithms are more likely to display your content to a wider audience, increasing your reach and visibility.
  4. Gaining valuable insights: Engaging with your audience provides you with valuable insights into their preferences, needs, and opinions. By actively listening to their feedback, you can gain a deeper understanding of their expectations and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly. This information can help you refine your content, products, and services, ultimately leading to better customer satisfaction and business growth.
  5. Encouraging user-generated content: Active engagement encourages user-generated content (UGC), which is a powerful form of social proof. When you actively interact with your audience, they are more likely to share their experiences, testimonials, and creative content related to your brand. UGC not only adds authenticity to your marketing efforts but also expands your reach as customers share their content with their networks.
  6. To effectively engage with your audience, it’s important to establish a consistent presence on social media platforms, respond promptly to comments and messages, personalize interactions, and create opportunities for meaningful conversations. By proactively engaging with your audience, you can foster stronger relationships, build brand loyalty, and drive the success of your social media marketing efforts.

Fostering a strong online community

Building a community not only helps create brand loyalty but also encourages engagement, boosts brand awareness, and drives conversions. Here are some effective strategies we recommend for nurturing a vibrant online community:

  1. Define Your Brand Voice and Values: Clearly define your brand’s voice, tone, and values. This ensures consistency in your communication and helps your audience connect with your brand on a deeper level. Whether you’re aiming for a professional tone or a more casual and conversational approach, ensure your brand voice aligns with your target audience and resonates with their preferences.
  2. Engage and Respond to Your Audience: Actively engage with your audience by responding to comments, messages, and mentions promptly. Show genuine interest in their thoughts, questions, and concerns. Encourage two-way conversations by asking open-ended questions and seeking their opinions. This engagement creates a sense of community and makes your audience feel valued.
  3. Encourage User-Generated Content (UGC): User-generated content is a powerful way to involve your audience and strengthen your online community. Encourage your followers to share their experiences, reviews, and testimonials related to your brand or products. Acknowledge and feature UGC on your social media platforms, website, or blog. This not only boosts engagement but also fosters a sense of belonging and ownership among your audience.
  4. Create Exclusive Content and Offers: Reward your online community by providing exclusive content, offers, or discounts. This could include access to behind-the-scenes content, sneak peeks of new products, or special promotions for loyal followers. Such exclusivity makes your community members feel valued and appreciated, encouraging them to actively participate and advocate for your brand.
  5. Host Contests and Giveaways: Contests and giveaways are excellent ways to encourage participation and build excitement within your community. Design fun and interactive contests that align with your brand and resonate with your audience. Offer attractive prizes that appeal to your target market. Ensure clear guidelines and rules, and promote the contest extensively across your social media platforms to maximize participation and engagement.
  6. Create Discussion Spaces: Establish dedicated spaces for discussions and conversations within your online community. This could be in the form of Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, or even branded hashtags on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Encourage community members to share their thoughts, ask questions, and engage with each other. Monitor these spaces to ensure a positive and inclusive environment.
  7. Collaborate with Influencers and Advocates: Identify influencers or brand advocates within your community who align with your brand values. Collaborate with them to create content, host live events or webinars, or participate in joint campaigns. This not only expands your reach but also strengthens your community by leveraging the influence and credibility of these individuals.
  8. Share Valuable and Relevant Content: Consistently provide valuable and relevant content that resonates with your audience. Share educational articles, industry insights, tutorials, or entertaining content that aligns with their interests. Position yourself as a trusted source of information within your niche, and encourage discussions around the content you share.
  9. Monitor and Moderate Discussions: Keep a close eye on your online community and moderate discussions to maintain a positive and respectful environment. Address any inappropriate or spammy content promptly. Encourage constructive criticism while discouraging any form of harassment or hate speech. By actively moderating your community, you ensure a safe and inclusive space for all members.
  10. Analyze and Adapt: Continuously analyze community engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, shares, and reach. Gain insights into what type of content resonates the most with your audience and adjust your strategy accordingly. Pay attention to feedback and suggestions from your community members and use them to improve your social media marketing efforts.

By implementing these strategies, you can foster a strong online community for your brand in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE. Remember, building a community takes time and consistent effort, but the long-term benefits in terms of brand loyalty, engagement, and advocacy are invaluable.

Data Analysis and Optimization

Data serves as the backbone of effective marketing strategies, allowing us to measure campaign success, gain valuable insights into audience behaviour, and make informed decisions to optimize our clients’ social media presence. In this section, we delve into the significance of data analysis and optimization, discussing the tools, techniques, and approaches we employ to maximize results. By leveraging data-driven insights, we can help businesses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi tailor their social media efforts to resonate with their target audience and achieve remarkable outcomes.

The role of data analysis in measuring campaign success

Data analysis plays a crucial role in measuring the success of social media marketing campaigns in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE. Data analysis allows us to gain valuable insights into the performance of our campaigns, make informed decisions, and optimize our strategies for better results.

Here’s an in-depth look at the role of data analysis in measuring campaign success:

  1. Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Data analysis helps us track and measure specific KPIs that align with the goals of our social media marketing campaigns. These KPIs can include metrics such as engagement rate, reach, impressions, click-through rate, conversion rate, and more. By consistently monitoring these metrics, we can gauge the effectiveness of our campaigns and identify areas for improvement.
  2. Evaluating Audience Behavior: Data analysis provides us with valuable insights into the behaviour and preferences of our target audience. By analyzing data on audience demographics, interests, and engagement patterns, we can tailor our content and targeting strategies to better resonate with our audience. Understanding how our audience interacts with our social media content allows us to optimize our campaigns for maximum engagement and conversion.
  3. A/B Testing and Experimentation: Data analysis enables us to conduct A/B testing and experimentation to determine the most effective strategies and tactics. By testing different variations of ad copy, visuals, targeting parameters, and campaign objectives, we can gather data on performance and identify the elements that drive the best results. This data-driven approach helps us refine our campaigns and make data-backed decisions for future optimizations.
  4. Monitoring Campaign ROI: Data analysis plays a crucial role in measuring the return on investment (ROI) of our social media marketing efforts. By tracking the cost per acquisition, conversion value, and revenue generated from our campaigns, we can assess the effectiveness of our marketing spend. This information allows us to allocate resources strategically and focus on campaigns that deliver the highest ROI.
  5. Identifying Trends and Patterns: Data analysis helps us uncover trends and patterns in our social media campaigns. By analyzing historical data over time, we can identify patterns in audience behaviour, content performance, and campaign outcomes. These insights enable us to make data-driven predictions and adapt our strategies to stay ahead of the competition.
  6. Reporting and Client Communication: Data analysis plays a vital role in our reporting and client communication processes. By presenting our clients with comprehensive reports that showcase key metrics, campaign performance, and actionable insights, we can provide transparency and demonstrate the value of our social media marketing efforts. Clear and concise data-driven reports help us build trust with our clients and foster productive discussions around campaign optimization.

By leveraging data analysis, we can make informed decisions, optimize our campaigns, and drive meaningful results for our clients in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Tools and techniques for optimizing social media marketing campaigns.

As Eighty-Six Media, we understand the importance of optimizing social media marketing campaigns to achieve maximum results. Here are some valuable tools and techniques we recommend for optimizing your campaigns:

  1. Social Media Management Tools: Utilizing social media management tools can streamline your marketing efforts and save you time. Platforms like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Buffer allow you to manage multiple social media accounts, schedule posts in advance, and analyze performance metrics. These tools provide valuable insights into audience engagement, post reach, and follower growth, enabling you to make data-driven decisions for campaign optimization.
  2. A/B Testing: A/B testing is a technique that involves comparing two versions of a social media campaign element to determine which one performs better. This could include testing different ad headlines, visuals, and call-to-action buttons, or even posting at different times of the day. By experimenting and analyzing the results, you can optimize your campaigns based on data-driven insights and continually improve their effectiveness.
  3. Audience Segmentation: Understanding your target audience is crucial for optimizing social media marketing campaigns. By segmenting your audience based on demographics, interests, behaviours, or buying patterns, you can tailor your content and messaging to specific groups. This personalization increases relevance and engagement, ultimately improving the performance of your campaigns.
  4. Retargeting: Retargeting is a powerful technique that allows you to reach out to users who have previously engaged with your brand or website. By placing a pixel or code snippet on your website, you can track visitors and show them tailored ads on social media platforms. This technique keeps your brand top-of-mind and increases the chances of conversion. Platforms like Facebook Pixel and Google Ads Remarketing provide retargeting capabilities.
  5. Social Listening: Monitoring and analyzing conversations and mentions related to your brand, industry, or relevant keywords is known as social listening. Tools like Mention, Brandwatch, and Sprout Social offer social listening features that allow you to gain insights into customer sentiment, identify trends, and track your competitors. By understanding what people are saying about your brand and industry, you can adapt your social media strategies accordingly and optimize your campaigns for better results.
  6. Analytics and Reporting: Analyzing the performance of your social media campaigns is essential for optimization. Most social media platforms provide built-in analytics tools that offer valuable metrics such as reach, engagement, clicks, and conversions. Google Analytics can also be integrated to track website traffic and conversions from social media. By regularly monitoring these metrics and identifying patterns or trends, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns and allocate resources effectively.

Remember, optimizing social media marketing campaigns is an ongoing process. Continuously testing, analyzing, and refining your strategies based on data insights will help you achieve better results and maximize the return on your investment.

Overcoming Challenges and Roadblocks in Social Media Marketing

Eighty-Six Media understands the unique challenges and roadblocks that businesses often face in their social media marketing endeavours. In an ever-evolving landscape, staying ahead of the competition and effectively reaching the target audience can be a daunting task. However, with the right strategies and a proactive approach, these challenges can be overcome, and success can be achieved. In this section, we will share our insights and experiences on how to overcome common challenges and roadblocks in social media marketing, empowering businesses to thrive in the dynamic digital realm of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Common Challenges in social media marketing

Eighty-Six Media has extensive experience in social media marketing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE. Throughout our work with various businesses, we have encountered several common challenges that organizations often face when implementing their social media marketing strategies.

Let’s delve into these challenges:

  1. Content creation and consistency: Creating high-quality and engaging content consistently can be a significant challenge for businesses. Many companies struggle to develop a content strategy that aligns with their brand identity and resonates with their target audience. Additionally, maintaining a consistent posting schedule can be demanding, especially when managing multiple social media platforms simultaneously.
  2. Building a loyal and engaged audience: In the crowded social media landscape, building a loyal and engaged audience can be challenging. Businesses often struggle to attract followers, increase engagement rates, and foster a sense of community around their brand.
  3. Keeping up with algorithm changes and platform updates: Social media platforms regularly update their algorithms and features, making it challenging for businesses to keep up with the changes. These updates can significantly impact reach, visibility, and engagement, causing frustration for businesses trying to optimize their social media strategies.
  4. Measuring ROI and demonstrating value: Proving the return on investment (ROI) and demonstrating the value of social media marketing efforts can be a persistent challenge for businesses. Many businesses struggle to effectively track and measure the impact of their social media campaigns on key business metrics, such as conversions, revenue, and customer retention.

How can social media marketing challenges be overcome?

  • Low Organic Reach: 

Social media platforms have become increasingly competitive, making it challenging for businesses to achieve organic reach and engagement. However, we employ several strategies to tackle this issue:

  1. Content Optimization: We focus on creating high-quality, relevant, and engaging content tailored to the target audience. By understanding the platform algorithms and incorporating effective SEO techniques, we optimize the content for maximum visibility and organic reach.
  2. Influencer Collaboration: Leveraging the power of influencers, we collaborate with influential individuals who have a significant following and influence in the target market. By partnering with relevant influencers, we can extend the reach of our clients’ content and connect with a wider audience organically.
  3. Community Engagement: We actively engage with the target audience through consistent interaction, responding to comments, and initiating conversations. By building a strong and engaged community, we enhance organic reach as the algorithms favour content that generates genuine interactions.
  • Maintaining Consistent Brand Identity: 

Maintaining a consistent brand identity across multiple social media platforms can be challenging, especially for businesses with diverse content and messaging.

To address this challenge, we employ the following strategies:

  1. Brand Guidelines: We develop comprehensive brand guidelines for our clients, including visual elements, tone of voice, and key messaging. These guidelines ensure consistency in content creation and help align all social media efforts with the brand identity.
  2. Content Calendar: We create a detailed content calendar that outlines the content themes, posting schedule, and key messages for each platform. This approach ensures a cohesive brand presence across different social media channels and maintains consistency in messaging.
  3. Social Media Management Tools: We utilize social media management tools that allow us to schedule, monitor, and analyze content across various platforms. These tools streamline the process, ensure consistency, and provide valuable insights for optimization.
  • Adapting to Constant Platform Changes

Social media platforms regularly update their algorithms, features, and advertising options, making it crucial to stay updated and adapt to these changes.

Here are the strategies we employ:

  1. Continuous Education: Our team stays up to date with the latest trends, platform updates, and industry news through regular training and participation in industry conferences and webinars. This enables us to proactively adapt our strategies to new changes and optimize campaign performance.
  2. Data Analysis: We extensively analyze campaign data and performance metrics to identify trends and patterns. By leveraging data-driven insights, we can adapt our strategies, target the right audience, and optimize campaigns for maximum impact.
  3. Collaboration with Platforms: We maintain strong relationships with social media platforms, ensuring that we have access to beta features and early insights into upcoming changes. This allows us to test and implement new features or strategies before they are widely available, gaining a competitive advantage for our clients.

By employing content optimization, influencer collaboration, community engagement, brand guidelines, content calendars, social media management tools, continuous education, data analysis, and collaboration with platforms, we ensure successful social media marketing campaigns for our clients in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Future Trends and Predictions for Social Media Marketing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

As a leading digital marketing agency, Eighty-Six Media has been closely monitoring the dynamic landscape of social media marketing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

With our expertise and experience in this region, we have gained valuable insights into future trends and predictions for social media marketing. By understanding these future trends, you will be better equipped to stay ahead of the curve and maximize the potential of your social media strategies in this thriving market.

Explore emerging trends and technologies in social media marketing

  1. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are gaining traction in the social media realm. Brands are leveraging AR and VR to create immersive experiences for their audience. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we’ve witnessed businesses using AR filters and lenses on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to engage users in interactive and visually appealing ways. From virtual try-on experiences for fashion and beauty products to showcasing real estate properties in virtual tours, AR and VR are revolutionizing how businesses connect with their audience on social media.
  2. Live Streaming: Live streaming has become immensely popular on various social media platforms. Brands are utilizing live streaming to share real-time updates, product launches, and behind-the-scenes content, and conduct interactive Q&A sessions with their followers. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, live streaming has become a powerful tool for businesses to establish authenticity, foster transparency, and engage with their audience on a personal level. The rise of live shopping events and virtual conferences further demonstrates the potential of live streaming in social media marketing.
  3. Chatbots and AI-powered Messaging: Chatbots and AI-powered messaging tools are transforming customer service and engagement on social media platforms. These intelligent bots can provide instant responses to customer queries, offer personalized recommendations, and facilitate transactions. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, businesses are leveraging chatbots to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and provide round-the-clock support. With AI advancements, chatbots are becoming more sophisticated, enabling businesses to offer seamless and efficient interactions with their audience.
  4. User-generated Content (UGC) and Influencer Marketing: User-generated content and influencer marketing continue to be powerful trends in social media marketing. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, businesses are encouraging their audience to create and share content related to their brand, products, or services. This not only fosters engagement but also builds trust and authenticity. Influencer marketing is another key trend, with brands collaborating with influential individuals on social media to amplify their reach and drive conversions. In the UAE, partnering with local influencers who have a strong following has proven to be particularly effective in targeting specific audiences.
  5. Social Commerce: Social commerce is reshaping the e-commerce landscape by integrating shopping experiences within social media platforms. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, businesses are leveraging features like shoppable posts, Instagram Checkout, and Facebook Marketplace to enable users to make purchases directly from their social media profiles. This seamless integration between social media and e-commerce allows businesses to reduce friction in the buyer’s journey, increase conversion rates, and drive revenue.

By embracing emerging trends and technologies in social media marketing, businesses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can create impactful campaigns, enhance customer experiences, and achieve their marketing goals.

The future of social media marketing in the UAE

The rapid growth of social media platforms and the increasing digitalization of consumer behaviour have opened up new opportunities and challenges for brands.

Based on our analysis and industry expertise, we predict the following trends for the future of social media marketing in the UAE:

  1. The continued dominance of video content: Video content has already gained significant traction in social media marketing, and this trend is expected to continue in the UAE. As internet speeds improve and mobile usage becomes even more prevalent, businesses will need to focus on creating compelling and engaging video content to capture the attention of their target audience. From short-form videos on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels to longer-form videos on YouTube and Facebook, brands that embrace video marketing will have a competitive edge.
  2. Rise of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR): AR and VR technologies have already made their way into social media platforms, and their usage is expected to increase in the coming years. Brands will leverage AR filters, lenses, and interactive experiences to create immersive and personalized content that resonates with users. For example, cosmetic brands can allow customers to virtually try on makeup using AR filters, enhancing the shopping experience. VR, on the other hand, will enable brands to offer virtual tours, events, and product demonstrations, fostering deeper connections with their audience.
  3. The increasing importance of micro-influencers: Influencer marketing has been a significant trend in the UAE, but we anticipate a shift towards micro-influencers in the future. While macro-influencers still hold sway over larger audiences, micro-influencers have more niche and engaged followers. They are perceived as more authentic and relatable, which can result in higher conversion rates for brands. Businesses will need to identify and collaborate with micro-influencers who align with their target audience and brand values, enabling them to build more genuine connections with their customers.
  4. Emphasis on personalized and interactive experiences: Consumers in the UAE are seeking personalized and interactive experiences from brands. As social media algorithms become more sophisticated and user data becomes more readily available, businesses will have the opportunity to deliver highly targeted and tailored content. Personalization can include personalized recommendations, interactive polls, quizzes, and contests, allowing brands to engage with their audience on a deeper level.
  5. Integration of e-commerce and social media: Social commerce is already gaining momentum, and we expect it to become even more prevalent in the UAE. Social media platforms are increasingly incorporating shopping features, allowing users to make purchases directly within the app. Brands will need to optimize their social media profiles, create seamless shopping experiences, and leverage features like shoppable posts and product tagging to drive sales. Integration of payment gateways and secure transactions will be crucial to building trust and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The future of social media marketing in the UAE is exciting and promising. Businesses that adapt to emerging trends, leverage new technologies, and prioritize personalized and interactive experiences will be well-positioned to succeed in the digital landscape.

Game-changing tips for successful social media marketing

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and businesses need to adapt to upcoming changes to remain competitive.

Here are some valuable insights and strategies to help businesses prepare for the future:

  1. Stay Updated on Social Media Trends: It’s crucial to keep a close eye on the latest trends in social media marketing. Follow industry publications, attend conferences, and engage in online communities to stay updated. This will help you identify emerging platforms, new features, and changing user behaviours. Being aware of trends enables you to adjust your strategies accordingly and stay relevant.
  2. Embrace Video and Interactive Content: Video content continues to dominate social media platforms, capturing users’ attention and driving engagement. Start incorporating video content into your marketing strategy, whether it’s short-form videos, live streaming, or storytelling through longer-form videos. Additionally, interactive content like polls, quizzes, and augmented reality experiences can enhance user participation and create memorable brand experiences.
  3. Focus on Personalization and Customer Experience: Social media users expect personalized experiences and interactions. Leverage data and analytics to understand your audience better and create tailored content that resonates with them. Invest in chatbots and AI-driven customer service tools to provide prompt and personalized responses. Building strong relationships with your audience through personalized experiences will help your brand stand out and foster loyalty.
  4. Harness the Power of Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing has become a vital component of social media strategies. Collaborating with influencers who align with your brand values and have a genuine connection with their followers can amplify your reach and credibility. Identify relevant influencers in your industry, establish partnerships, and leverage their influence to promote your products or services.
  5. Prepare for Platform Updates and Algorithm Changes: Social media platforms frequently update their algorithms and introduce new features. It’s important to keep track of these changes and adapt your strategies accordingly. Regularly review your content performance, engagement metrics, and conversion rates to identify what’s working and what needs adjustment. Stay agile and be willing to experiment with new features and formats to stay ahead of the competition.
  6. Invest in Social Listening and Customer Feedback: Social listening involves monitoring online conversations about your brand, industry, and competitors. Utilize social listening tools to gather valuable insights and understand your customers’ sentiments, needs, and preferences. Actively engage with customer feedback, address concerns promptly, and use the feedback to improve your products, services, and overall customer experience.
  7. Be Ready for Emerging Technologies: Keep an eye on emerging technologies that could disrupt the social media landscape, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and voice-activated devices. Consider how these technologies could be integrated into your social media marketing strategy to provide unique and immersive experiences for your audience.
  8. Foster Collaboration and Partnerships: Collaborate with other businesses, influencers, and industry leaders to expand your reach and tap into new audiences. Cross-promotion and co-marketing initiatives can create mutually beneficial opportunities and help you stay relevant in a competitive social media landscape.

By proactively preparing for upcoming changes in social media marketing, businesses can position themselves for success and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Why trust Eighty-Six Media for social media marketing?

When it comes to choosing a social media marketing partner, trust is essential. Here’s why you can trust Eighty-Six Media:

  1. Our team of seasoned experts possess in-depth knowledge of the Dubai and Abu Dhabi markets. We stay updated with the latest industry trends, algorithm changes, and consumer behaviours to ensure that our strategies are always at the forefront.
  2. We prioritize exceptional client service. We believe in open communication, collaboration, and transparency. We involve our clients throughout the process, providing personalized attention and tailoring strategies to their specific goals and objectives.
  3. We are driven by results. We use robust analytics tools and data-driven insights to monitor campaign performance, optimize strategies, and provide clear and transparent reporting. By focusing on key performance indicators and aligning our efforts with your business objectives, we ensure that your social media marketing campaigns generate a positive return on investment.

Services offered by Eighty-Six Media:

We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet all your social media marketing needs. Our services cover every aspect of a successful campaign, from strategy development to content creation, community management, influencer marketing, paid advertising, and data analytics. Our holistic approach ensures that every element of your social media strategy works seamlessly together to achieve your goals.

We understand that the Dubai and Abu Dhabi markets have unique characteristics, and that’s why our strategies are specifically tailored to resonate with the local audience. We know what works and what doesn’t, allowing us to maximize your brand’s visibility, engagement, and conversions.

Client success stories

Our portfolio is a testament to our expertise and the tangible results we have achieved for our clients. We have had the privilege of working with businesses across various industries, including hospitality, fashion, technology, and real estate in the UAE.
At Eighty-Six Media, we had the pleasure of working with Atyab Al Nafea, a luxury perfume brand that originates from the UAE. Our goal was to position Atyab Al Nafea as a prestigious and exclusive brand, leveraging its UAE heritage as a unique selling point (USP) to captivate the target audience. Through strategic social media marketing, we successfully propelled the brand’s growth, generating curiosity among customers and driving increased traffic to their website.
The success story of Atyab Al Nafea exemplifies the power of strategic social media marketing in promoting a luxury brand. By leveraging the brand’s UAE origin, crafting a compelling brand narrative, collaborating with influencers, and delivering visually captivating content, we successfully positioned Atyab Al Nafea as a prestigious and sought-after perfume brand.
The increased curiosity among customers and higher site visitors demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach in driving brand growth and engagement. At Eighty-Six Media, we take pride in helping brands like Atyab Al Nafea achieve their marketing goals and elevate their presence in the competitive luxury market.
Through our comprehensive social media marketing strategy, Atyab Al Nafea witnessed remarkable growth and achieved tangible results:

  • Increased brand visibility and recognition within the target audience
  • Higher website traffic, with a significant increase in site visitors
  • Growth in customer curiosity and engagement, leading to increased brand interactions
  • Strengthened brand loyalty among existing customers
  • Positive sentiment and enhanced brand reputation on social media platforms

We take immense pride in our client’s success and are dedicated to forging long-term partnerships based on trust, transparency, and mutual growth.

Eighty-Six Media, your digital marketing agency

At Eighty-Six Media, we are committed to helping you master the art of social media marketing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With our expertise, personalised strategies, and dedication to delivering exceptional results, we are here to elevate your brand’s online presence, engagement, and success. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey to social media mastery together!


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