Moment Marketing & How It Has Benefitted From The Pandemic

January 24, 2022

While it may be dark to think that a pandemic could have affected something in a positive way, some brands may agree otherwise. 2019-21 has seen a rise of, ‘moment marketing’, a term used to describe ad campaigns that make use of the current topics and scenarios to relate on a personal level with their viewers.

Marketers have used terms like vaccine, work from home, spread of the virus and more to increase brand awareness and build their place in the viewer’s mind. Not just that, brands have started giving discounts to ‘Vaccinated’ Citizens to increase brand awareness and goodwill.

Let’s put light on three recent ‘Moment Marketing’ Campaigns to have a closer look into its efficiency.

IKEA – #I’mStayingHome

Ikea, Spain built a campaign around the importance of staying at home by demonstrating through a well-put-together advertisement that directed one to think that home is where a person’s fondest memories are and home is the safest place to be. Ikea in its social media campaign, had an instruction leaflet of sorts circled around, which said: A key, a lock and 100 rolls of toilet paper is all you need. Which at that time, was relatable to a very large audience in Europe and the US.

Pizza Hut – #QualityTimeNotQuarantine

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, a large number of schools, colleges and offices were shut down and people all around the world were put under lockdown. Pizza Hut started a campaign called, ‘Quality Time, Not Quarantine’ through which they spoke to the masses about how Quarantine should be used as a way to connect with family, to get creative, to rethink life plans, and more! They advertised this campaign through social media and this is another perfect example of moment marketing.

Airbnb – #GoNear

When the world’s travel plans came to an abrupt halt, due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, Airbnb started a campaign called, ‘Go Near’ which supported Domestic Travel. This campaign partnered with local communities in and around Australia and New Zealand to promote local and economical travels. Airbnb followed the COVID protocols while campaigning, and it’s commendable how they made sales against all odds!

In conclusion, moment marketing is a great way to show goodwill and to connect with your audience and build up on customer loyalty. The best thing about Moment Marketing is that it can blend with your brand’s personality– it can be humorous, it can be emotional, it can be exciting and more, the possibilities are wide!


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