New Year Greeting Prompts to create catchy emails!

January 25, 2022

New Year is a perfect time to up your marketing game, refresh your creatives, add a little pizzazz to your brand and make more sales! That’s where Email Marketing comes into play. But, coming up with a catchy idea to grab your viewer’s attention isn’t very easy. Don’t you worry! We’ve got you covered. Here are 10 Email Prompts to kick-start your New Year Promotions!

Make Sales by Helping People Stick to their New Year Resolutions!

You’re kidding if you’ve never started a year without a resolution in mind!

New Year = New Resolutions = Products to help live by those resolutions. This is the time people buy gym memberships, healthy food, workout gear, etc. See how your brand can come into play and market your products as ones that will help people achieve their resolutions!

PROMPT: “Let’s work together to complete your New Year Resolution! Our product ______ will help you get started!”

Reminisce and thank the viewer about everything that was great in the previous year!

While a lot of brands like to look forward, when it comes to marketing, you sure can look back too. Tell the viewer about what your brand has achieved (Without sounding too promotional) and thank them for playing their part in making it all happen. Much like Spotify Rewind, you too can create a look-back on what went down for your brand and its viewers. A personalized approach would be even better!

PROMPT: “Thank you for helping us fly! The leap we took last year could not have been possible without you. (Then continue to talk about what you did the previous year as a brand and what the viewer should look forward to, in the new year).”

Introduce a New Product/ Collection

The New Year gives you a fresh slate to start your marketing campaigns and introducing a product at this time makes it all the more happening! Intrigue your viewer about the new products and what they should look forward to, and you’re good to go!

PROMPT: “Here’s your New Year Gift– Introducing _________.”

Break the monotony!

If you don’t want to ‘New Year, New Me’ your way into sales, try building brand loyalty by promoting the way your brand chooses to remain consistent in its customer care approach throughout it all.

PROMPT: “New Year, Old Us. We didn’t change so you don’t have to! We choose to still provide you our age-old services_____ and only make them better on the way forward cause we believe you should never be kept apart from your comfort and way of life! Trends may come and go, but we hope to be a constant for you.”

Now that you’ve read our guide, it’s time for you to go write those emails and complete them well in time for your deadline! Best of luck and we hope you have a great year and some great email promotion ideas on your way forward!


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