Should You Still Be Shooting With A Professional Camera Or Move To Smartphones?

January 27, 2022

The answer seems quite simple, right? Smartphones always come in handy and now have great cameras with different lens options to choose from and are definitely cheaper and more convenient than owning a DSLR and the equipment that you’d need to go with it.

However, there are still a lot of aspects that make us lean towards the view that DSLRs are still irreplaceable! Let’s understand why:

Firstly, the image quality of a good smartphone is great to look at, but one of a DSLR, is still a tad bit more remarkable. But smartphones still have to master the art of low light images, bokeh shots and long exposure shots that only a good DSLR can provide.

While Samsung from its newer Galaxy Series options have built in zoom features, they just can’t level up with the zoom quality of a good traditional camera lens. In the same way, macro photography can be worked around with a smartphone, but a DSLR provides you with a more in-depth version of the subject without the necessary need of extra lighting.

Agreed, a lot of Smartphone producers offer, ‘4K’ range of shooting videos, but if you were to compare those with the ones shot on a DSLR, you’ll definitely find a big difference.

Lastly, DSLR can click some great low light pictures and videos, without compromising the quality, however, the video on Smartphones under low-light starts pixelating and is barely up to the mark.

Yes, smartphones are highly convenient, but traditional photography, as of early 2022 is still irreplaceable. We’ll wait to see if a Smartphone Developer can come up with something that can really beat a DSLR, in the coming years and review that when it does happen! It’s a personal choice if you’d wanna choose convenience over quality, or vice versa– both Smartphones and DSLRs have some great pros, so based on the situation, make the most of the one you choose!


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