The E-commerce Revolution and how your business can be a part of it

March 12, 2022

E-commerce is a huge part of our daily lifestyle and here’s how you can use it to benefit your businesses.

The B2B eCommerce market is at present worth close to $8 trillion (US) and is forecasted to grow 18.7% through 2026 and reach $18.57 trillion (US).

Almost 55% of 829 marketing budgets have been shifted to online initiatives. This is because consumers are now more prone to researching the product online and then making an online purchase for the same, as opposed to the traditional word-of-mouth research and in–store physical shopping.

Millennials for example, are habitual researchers and conduct roughly 12 online searches for each online purchase they make. And when it comes to B2B procurement, 74% of buyers report conducting online research for at least half their purchases. This encourages marketers to promote and provide the benefits of their product/ services on online medium and market them digitally too.

But in a maze of developing online business platforms, how can you make yours stand out?

1. Make users feel special: Go beyond metrics and KPIs when re-targeting a potential customer. Make them feel special with a generous discount or a free service that they would appreciate.

2. Have the best support team: No one likes to email a support question, chat with a bot over social media, or bounce back and forth between various reps who have no idea how to help them. If your reps can provide an experience that isn’t just helpful but memorable, your user. 

3. Use Data to Optimize your User Interface: Use built-in analytics or an integrated analytics platform to find out what features your users are spending the most time using. Then ask yourself what makes these features sticky? Is it because of accessibility or functionality? If most users are taking advantage of your scheduling feature because it’s the first thing they see, try positioning a core feature in a more visible spot.

4. Meet their expectations and more: Don’t just meet the benefits that you offer. Make sure you have a great customer service team instead of boring old chatbots to really connect with your users/ customers.


Follow the above four steps to optimize your customer experience and make your web services high-end and special!


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