These Brand Tweets From 2021 Have Topped Our Humour Charts!

January 14, 2022

2021 had its ups and downs but these tweets made sure we have a good laugh, every once in a while! Here are some witty tweets to lift your mood!

This tweet by McDonald’s that you can’t help but relate to:

This witty tweet from when Facebook & Instagram went down in May 2021:

That time when Netflix re-used their popular Pop-up Notification, ‘Are you still watching?’ to make things fun.

Zomato, the food-delivery giant has given us some great tweets this year, so we couldn’t show off just one. Here are some of the #Zomato Tweets that had us #ROTFL:

And, lastly, if you can answer this amusing question by Pizza Hut, Middle East— we’ll be giving you the real MVP title!


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