These witty Print Ads From The 80s Are Sure To Grab Your Attention Even in 2022!

February 22, 2022

The 80s were known for their punk rock fashion, rap music and witty sitcoms. But we believe some credit goes to the advertising industry as well for making the 80s a unique era! To prove our point, here are 5 print ads from the 80s that we believe could sell even in 2022!

#1. This one shampoo, fits all hair type ad that makes us all want to grab a bottle of Dimension Hair Shampoo!
#2. This ad from the 80s that reminds us that personal computers were merely a luxury back then!
#3. Hair in the 80s got neater and so did their Ads, it seems!
#4. I don’t think we’ve read a toothpaste ad with so much curiosity as we did this one!
#5. And lastly, this pretty rad Ferarri Ad can definitely have another go in 2022!

What do you think?

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