Transforming The Way We Collaborate: AUDI X RAIN


Brading, Marketing


RAIN, Audi


Food and Automobile


Our Goals For The Campaign:

  • Make heads turn with creative content.
  • Celebrate UAE National Day with utmost pride and respect collaborating with two premium brands. 
  • Connect and interact with the audience of both participating brands.

Over a stretch of two weeks, leading up to the National Day, we managed to offer exciting discounts (Up to 51% OFF) at the Cafe, interact with customers as well as influencers and create a positive buzz around both brands through giveaways, exclusive merchandise and interactive posts. 

The best thing? We managed to plan and execute this entire campaign in a span of less than one month and the engagement rate was fantastic!

Shots from the Audi x Rain Campaign

The Success Factor Of A Campaign: The Right Partners

We enjoyed putting together this campaign and aren’t stopping at this one! Collaboration can make or break your campaign. It’s important to research and choose the right brands, influencers and platforms when running a campaign like this to ensure success.