BlogsRevealed 5 Secrets that’ll boost your organic reach on Instagram! (beat the algorithm)
Revealed 5 Secrets that'll boost your organic reach on Instagram! (beat the algorithm)

Revealed 5 Secrets that’ll boost your organic reach on Instagram! (beat the algorithm)

It’s no surprise that Instagram has overtaken a lot of social media platforms and has emerged to be one of the best social networking apps. With the increase in popularity and easy accessibility for the users, Brands are focusing more on Instagram to target their audience.

With over a billion users active daily on the platform and over 25 million businesses, it isn’t a piece of cake to attract audiences to your page without a proper strategy.

The competition is immense, and resources to learn the strategy are very few. But worry not, we’ve traveled to the caves of Instagram’s algorithm and discovered FIVE secrets that will attract the organic crowd and boost engagement with your followers.

#1. Tropical Advertising

Whatever is happening around you, be it an event or any current affair, use it to create a campaign around it for your brand. There’s a popular saying, “Strike when the iron is hot.” In tropical advertising, brands follow any event trending in the current society and create an ad that links perfectly with their brand identity.

The trendy topic already has some buzz around it, and people want to see Brands have their take on it. These tropical spots are difficult to miss by audiences and usually attract engagement.

#2. Create shareable content

Before you finalize any content, ask this question to yourself, “Would I share it on my story or with the people known to me if I found this randomly?” If your answer is yes, then you are good to proceed. But if you still have doubts, it’s time to review and change it slightly.

Shareable content is anything that contains ideas that are amusing, inspiring, or knowledgeable. People love to share information that they find helpful with others. So the next time you are brainstorming over something, you know how to approach it.

#3. Evergreen content

We know that Point #1 mentioned creating content over hot topics, and now we are suggesting to create evergreen content. Ironic? No, let us explain.

Tropical spots are trendy and catch attention quickly but, after a few days, the topic won’t be relevant due to various factors like changes in the scenario or people forgetting about the issue, etc.

Meanwhile, Evergreen content stays fresh and relevant for many years. It’ll keep generating leads and engagement on your posts even after a long time.

#4. User-generated content

This is one of the most efficient strategies to maximize your brand awareness and create customer loyalty. User-generated content or UGC is any content that is created by people and then shared by the brands on their pages. And guess which is the primary social media platform for sharing UGC? Instagram!

People create content featuring a particular brand on their posts/stories and share it on their profiles while mentioning their experience with their followers. This is a perfect opportunity for the brand to share it on their page as people love getting their content acknowledged, and sharing your customer’s content brings credibility to your followers.

#5. Conduct creative contests & giveaways

Now, this is another evergreen strategy to attract new followers and establish your online presence. When we mean giveaways, you don’t have to tear your pockets for it. It can just be a simple product that your brand sells or a service. The main highlight is that it is FREE. Humans are attracted to this word, and if they see it anywhere, they’ll rush to grab the opportunity.

Along with the giveaways, you can conduct some creative contests which may/may not include any free product or service but, you need to give your followers a sense of winning. Quiz them with something that your brand shares quite often or create a puzzle to make scratch their heads. Give credits to the winners by shout-outs on your stories and boom you’ve made yourself some new brand-loyal customers.

To conclude

This winds up all the points to stay active in the ongoing competition and attract an organic crowd to your page. These strategies are tested and, if implemented correctly will boost your online presence.


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