BlogsThe Importance of Creativity in Your Campaigns & 5 Ways To Use It
The Importance of Creativity in Your Campaigns & 5 Ways To Use It

The Importance of Creativity in Your Campaigns & 5 Ways To Use It

When we think of creativity in terms of advertising, we think of design and flow of words. But, there is more to creativity than just that. Creative Marketing is about showing the audience a unique perspective of the brand, it’s about how long your words and designs can keep their attention, it’s about how you stand out from the crowd.

Here are FIVE ways to stay creative with your campaigns!

#1. Creativity goes hand in hand with consistency.

Creating a consistent front for all your campaigns is crucial. While running a campaign, your message should stay consistent on all your marketing channels– be it social media, a billboard or a YouTube Advertisement. Even smaller things like packaging, website blogs, giveaways, etc., should speak in some way about that one message that you’re trying to portray through your campaign.

Take Deerfields Mall, for example. If you go through their website and social media, you’ll find a consistent look and feel and that will help you connect and understand the brand better.

#2. Revise your goals.

If your goal is to ‘make sales happen’, you need to add more steps on the way to get there. You need to connect with the audience first and Deerfields Mall has done just that in their Marketing Campaign by adding and portraying words like, ‘Keeping the community closer’, and ‘Bahiya’s favorite community mall.’ This is an excellent way to be more welcoming to your customer. Your goal should be to create a campaign that helps you engage with the customer and further make sales.

#3. Visualization is key.

Adding visual elements to your campaign can make or break it. The elements that you add and the way you market them speaks a lot about the brand and its products. While partnering with Deerfields Mall, we created a number of catchy artworks and adaptations that helped market the products visually and improve sales,  because people are more likely to read shorter visual ads than just long ads with a list of product benefits.

#4. Promote your Campaigns without being too sales-y.

It’s important to add a call to action to your campaigns, to get the most out of it. It can be something as simple as adding an offer that grabs ones attention. While campaigning with Deerfields Mall, we partnered with in-house brands like HomeBox and Silal Fresh to offer the customer a reason to visit the mall & check out the products and services available there. We call this a win-win for all!

#5. Out of the box ideas are always welcome.

While Adaptations and Paid Ads are a great way to get the word out, in 2022, to really stand out, one must follow the trends that can offer a better user experience. We created a special Snapchat Filter with geo-tagging for Deerfields Mall which was available for their customers to use. By following a social media trend, Deerfields Mall created a better bond with its customers who snapped away using the filter and promoted the mall on their Snapchat Stories.


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