BlogsWhat is Storytelling, and why is it important for your brand?
What is Storytelling, and why is it important for your brand?

What is Storytelling, and why is it important for your brand?

Let us take a trip down our memory lanes when we were kids and used to get excited every time we heard the words “Once upon a time” Ever wondered what aroused our interest back then? Because it opened our minds to think. Stories helped us get into an imaginary world and ever since our minds have been programmed to love them. Humans feel associated with the fictional characters and thus connect emotionally to stories.

The marketing world today is fast-paced and very competitive. To capture the audience’s attention is difficult let alone making them browse through your whole article. Moreover, the content all widespread over the internet feels like some sort of Non-living entity talking to the people. It lacks a human touch that can make the audience connect to the brand on a deeper level. That’s why Storytelling, or should we say, The art of storytelling emerged to feel the void between the Brand and its Audience.

But first, Let’s understand what exactly is Storytelling.

We mentioned earlier that it’s a form of art. And like every other form of art, it requires extreme patience, skill, and creativity to learn it.

In simple terms, it is a form of narration that the brands use to deliver their message to connect with their audience. It’s a way of communication that makes the reader feel they’re a part of the story and inspires them to take action. It makes a fictional character come to life and makes the reader associate with him.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools in marketing that the brands
are using, and here are reasons why you should implement it:

#1. Stories initiate action

We’ll give you two examples to demonstrate this.

Example 1: (A picture of a puppy)

This is a puppy we found stranded on the streets along with 4 other puppies. Help us find a loving home for them. To adopt kindly give us a call.

Example 2: (A picture of a puppy)

“Hi, hoomans. My name is Bella, and these are my three sisters and my brother. The ones you see fighting are Lucy & Nala (they are the naughtiest). This morning our mother went to find some food for us, and then we heard a loud noise coming from the road where some big wheels were moving very fast. Our mother hasn’t returned yet, and we are missing her too much! Will you take care of us until she returns? We can share some food when she brings it.”

Which one did you like the most and made you feel like adopting?

#2. Stories are intriguing

If you read Example 2 from the first point, you get the idea of how intriguing the stories can become. It keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next and arouses curiosity every second.

Similarly, if your brand crafts a good story, it makes the readers want to know more about it.

#3. Stories help to connect emotionally with the audience

They have the tendency to create a sense of belonging with the character. Let’s again take the example of the adoption story from the 1st point:

We created a backstory for the puppy, named it, and then added emotions in the way she spoke. We even added how the puppy sees the world with his eyes.

After reading it, did you feel you’ve known the puppy for a while and felt the need to take care of it like it was your own? Magic? Nope, just the power of storytelling.

#4. It adds a human touch.

With the growth in technology, we are digitalized and surrounded by machines that follow our every command. Just use your finger tips and the work will be done.

Due to this, we have lost the sense of feeling humans around us. Everything seems to be the work of Artificial intelligence and the Brands have no human face that the audience can remember.

With the help of stories, brands can add the missing human touch and connect more deeply to their audiences.

#5. It improves brand recall.

Stories are meant to be remembered. We still remember the stories we
heard in our childhood and even the ones who narrated them to us.

They are stored permanently in our minds, and we can recall them whenever we want.

The same is the case with brands. When someone reads your brand’s
story, they’ll likely remember it for a long time and may recall your brand if
they see something similar.

To conclude

Storytelling is an important marketing strategy that leaves a long-lasting impression on your viewers and can be very persuasive when used correctly.


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