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From launching in 2019, we managed to develop brands from scratch and boost existing brands to reach a higher online presence in the MENA market. Our ideal mode of working with our clients is to function as their extended Marketing Department (on-scale) to make sure we go a few steps further to meet our collective vision. We #ThinkOutsideTheScreen, so you don't have to.

86 Media: An Agency with a Purpose in Abu Dhabi

Our mission is to serve and accommodate brands in the capital city, where few other agencies exist. The agency’s name came about when the founders noticed that Abu Dhabi occupies 86% of the UAE’s land mass. Why not give our agency a quirky name that also has meaning? And so, 86 Media was born as a unique and purposeful agency in Abu Dhabi.

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In a world led by AI softwares, amidst a great panic of AI softwares replacing people, we believe original thinkers can never be replaced. Truth is, as quoted by IBM; “AI will not completely replace humans, but those who use AI will replace those who do not.”


Brand Slogan.

Key Message

Marketing doesn’t always have to be hard. Marketing can work out well for both small and large businesses when right minds are put to it.

Vision 86

Elevating the digital industry by providing high-quality, and relatable content solutions to businesses plays center stage in our mission.

Mission 86

Aiming to elevate marketing standards in the Emirates by offering innovative marketing strategies & exceptional digital solutions.

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