8 Ways to Use Content Marketing to Build Brand Awareness

June 14, 2022

Brand awareness is essentially what brings more potential customers to try your product or service and connect with your brand. Brand awareness is the consumer’s familiarity with your organization and services. This includes brand recognition – the ability of people to recognize your brand logo or name and the associations they have with you. Brand reputation directly impacts your sales rates and your organizational success. In the article below, are 8 ways in which you can use Content Marketing to build your brand awareness.

Here’s how you can get more leads with content marketing

1. Research your target audience and market

Before you work on creating eye-catching headlines and beautiful graphics, it is important to to understand what your target audience is like, what they’re looking for, what they’ve engaged with in the past and most importantly what kind of platforms they are using.

By conducting an extensive research, you can easily create graphics and other content that is most appealing to your ideal customer base and in turn help raise more awareness about your brand amongst them.

Also keep in mind that content creation is just the start of it, but the research that you conduct, can be used while creating well targeted ads as well.

2. Define your brand’s Unique Selling Proposition

In order to stand out amongst your competitors, it’s important to showcase your brand’s unique selling proposition by creating engaging content around it.

The content should be such that it solves a problem for you customer, showcases your brand as one that is customer centric and has aligned its products with the viewer in mind.

You USP is what will define your brand and set you apart from the competition.

For example, raising awareness for your brand in a city like Abu Dhabi can be relatively difficult but with our company’s Copywriters, Strategizers and Graphic Designers, nothing is impossible. If you’re looking for Content Marketing solutions in UAE, you’ve come to the right place.

Define your brand’s Unique Selling Proposition


While creating your content, you should make sure that it is highly engaging and interactive so as to grab the attention of the viewer faster and for a longer span of time. Some out of the box ways to engage with your audience can be:

  • Join Facebook Groups and share insights. 
  • Conduct well planned and promoted Instagram and Facebook Lives.
  • Post Informative Video Content
  • Conduct Email Outreach
  • Collaborate with like-minded influencers

The benefits of engaging with your audience are plenty. With this, you can create a wide network of referrals for your business. This is an activity that should be consistent as long as you want to raise more brand awareness. 

4. Capitalize on Influencer Marketing

Having Influencers create content for your brand can help your audience see your brand and its products with a new perspective. Find influencers in your industry who may be interested in your brand and its vision and create highly reachable content with them.
Influencer Marketing is easy to track and opens your brand up to a newer audience, hence its a promising way to market your content towards building brand awareness.
Capitalize on Influencer Marketing

5. Let Analytics Drive Your Content

Learning and understanding the content that’s working and not working for your brand plays an important role if you’re looking to build awareness.
Study your post, story and reel insights closely to understand the type of content that your audience appreciates, and work towards posting more of it.
Google Analytics, Facebook Creator Studio and Hootsuite are great tools to study the reach and relevance of your content amongst your fans, followers and potential customers.
Let Analytics Drive Your Content

6. Diversify Your Content Strategy

As a renowned  Digital Marketing Agency in Abu Dhabi, we are often asked by our Clients what platforms are ‘in trend’ and where they should be promoting their content.
Our answer is simple. It doesn’t matter what platform is trending, what really matters is what platform your brand’s target audience is using.
If you’re selling an anti-aging product, chances for your content to reach a larger audience are more through Facebook than TikTok which is buzzing with Millennials.
Hence, at the start,  it’s important to diversify your content strategy through videos, blogs, podcasts, social media platforms and more. Once you’ve established where your audience is engaging the most with your content, you can stick to that platform and use it to raise brand awareness. 

7. Own Branded and Non Branded Conversations

Are you only pushing out promotional posts?

How long do you think your audience is going to entertain those?

It’s always better to mix it up and provide you audience with value and promotions on the side. 

The goal here is to showcase your brand’s true values and personalities to have a better chance of connecting with your audience by building brand awareness. 

Own Branded and Non Branded Conversations

8. Follow-up, don’t spam

There’s a thin line between following up and spamming your audience with too many emails or promotional content on social media. 

Send out follow-ups, but don’t over do it. 

A thorough content marketing strategy engaged the consumer more than just once, thus building brand awareness. Hence, send out follow ups but know where to stop.

Are you looking to build brand awareness through digital marketing? Or is your brand looking to learn how to make your content work for you? Click here to get started and turn around your content game to build brand awareness.


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