Work Meetings: The Right Blend of Short, Cool, and Collaborative

November 22, 2022
Work Meetings: The Right Blend of Short, Cool, and Collaborative

Meetings after meetings can cater to bogging down your brain and making you feel far from your creative best. We all know that, and don’t want that.

Luckily, at Eighty Six Media, we’ve found a pattern that works well for us and can do the same for you as well! If you’re looking to have productive brainstorming sessions with your team and at the same time complete all your tasks on time, read on!



For starters, we keep one day during the week when we don’t have any meetings scheduled so we can catch up on any work that we might have fallen behind on because of all the other meetings that may happen throughout the week. This helps us charge our social battery and promotes individual creativity, ensuring nobody on our team gets too overwhelmed with work.



“Mondays” may seem like a super long day for most working professionals, but not us. On this day, we have our weekly meeting, where all teams come together and discuss the completed tasks of the week prior and what’s more to come for the week ahead.

All the major tasks for the week ahead are usually assigned to the Team on a Monday so that we get a clear picture of what the week is going to look like and can stay ahead of our deadlines. We also make sure to discuss client strategy to set plans ahead for the week, raise any concerns, have a quick creative brainstorm session and more. With a super-focused Monday meeting, we put ourselves ahead of the curve, ensuring we are all well-communicated and no one falls behind.

So if you’re looking to enhance productivity and team spirit, this may just be the thing for your team!


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