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6 Women Empowering Brands

6 Women Empowering Brands

Empowering women is the ethical way to run a brand and build a community that believes in gender equality. Here are some brands that are supporting women around the world and inspiring others to do so too!

#1. Indego Africa

Indego Africa is a brand that sells handmade artisanal products that fall under the home and fashion category. Not just that, Indego Africa is a women-owned business that supports the women in Rwanda through economic empowerment and education. This brand trains women to be self-independent and offers them a medium of earning their own bread and butter through the art of crafting.

#2. Ariel

Ariel, is a well-known European brand that sells detergent products. But lately, they’ve been in the talks for doing more than just that. Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad Campaign has made an acknowledgable change in the market. This campaign began in their Indian market where they sent out a message that both genders should be treated equally and men and women should both, ‘share the load’. Through beautiful, relatable advertisements, this campaign reached out to the masses and portrayed the importance of normalising men and women both doing household chores together.


In 2021, Canon launched a campaign called #WomenWhoEMPOWER in the Middle East, where they encouraged women from different industries to come forward and talk about the challenges that they face in their respective fields with respect to gender inequality. Apart from campaigns, Canon also offers 112 days of maternity leave, flexible work hours for women, etc.

#4. Sport England

An England based organisation that finds its expertise in sports, launched a campaign named, ‘This Girl Can’ in 2015 which encouraged women to be more active, regardless of shape, size and abilities. This campaign runs to date, showing unfiltered women normalising the act of doing whatever it takes to stay active. In 2020, this campaign highlighted how the women were affected due to the pandemic and how they fought their way through it.

#5. Dove

Dove connects with its audience by portraying themselves as one that empowers women to be happy and confident with who they are and how they look. Their campaigns are proof that they want women to be happy in their own skin and not generalize a standard of beauty as ideal. One common thing that relates to empowering women in their campaign is that they always use models/actors of all ages, with different skin types and tones, instead of using airbrushed  videos of models.

#6. Rare Beauty

A brand launched by the world famous artist, Selena Gomez, Rare Beauty is known to promote airy and lightweight make-up that doesn’t hide one’s unique features. Rare Beauty’s slogan, ‘You are rare’, portrays that they believe in women being themselves and not using makeup as an excuse to cover themselves up.

Campaigns that empower and support women and gender equality are crucial and sustainable practices of ethical marketing. They not only portray a positive image of the brand, but genuinely do help women around the world be more confident and elevate themselves.


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