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We create impactful online narratives that drive engagement, spark conversations, and cultivate lasting connections. Get access to cool panel of creative individuals to craft strategies, create trending content and advertise your brand to generate the awareness your brand deserves. Here’s what’s included in our Social Media Management service.

Social Media Marketing Agency
Connect Socially

Connect Socially

Effective social media management is an integral part of every digital marketing strategy. It enables direct interaction with customers, amplifies brand visibility, and directs traffic to websites. Engaging in social platforms allows your brand to create meaningful connections with your target audience. Our carefully planned strategies is designed to precisely positioning your brand to ensure your brand thrives in its desired market.

Our solutions

Our team will provide ongoing monitoring and analysis of our client’s accounts, keeping a watchful eye on the competition and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the curve. Additionally, we leverage our extensive network of influencers and strategic partners to create meaningful collaborations and amplify our client’s messages. 

Strategic Content Curation

We’re not just posting; we’re telling your brand story. Our team crafts content that resonates with your target audience, aligning with your brand’s values and goals.

Data-Driven Insights

Numbers guide our strategy. Through in-depth analytics, we track performance, monitor trends, and refine our approach for optimal results, ensuring every post is a step towards growth.


Campaign Strategy

Our campaign strategy service helps you create effective campaigns that achieve your business objectives. By conducting research and analyzing data, we can create campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive meaningful results.


Our copywriting service helps you create compelling and effective content that engages your audience and drives action. This can help you build brand loyalty and drive conversions.

Targeted Campaigns

No more spray-and-pray. Our tailored campaigns reach the right eyes at the right time, amplifying your message and increasing your brand’s reach.

Engaging Community Management

We’re the bridge between you and your audience. Our proactive community management sparks conversations, addresses queries, and fosters a loyal online tribe.


Multi-Platform Expertise

From Instagram’s visual allure to Snapchat’s interesting content, we navigate every platform seamlessly, adapting our strategies to suit the unique demands of each.

Consistency & Timeliness

Regularity is the key to staying relevant. We keep your channels buzzing with fresh, engaging content, enhancing your brand’s credibility and visibility.

Benefits Of Working With A Social Media Agency:

Need Answers

Frequently asked questions.

The most used social media platforms in Abu Dhabi are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Among these, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular, with a large user base and high engagement rates. 

However, the popularity of social media platforms can vary depending on factors such as age, gender, and nationality of the target audience. Therefore, it’s important to conduct research and analysis to understand the social media habits of your specific target audience in Abu Dhabi before developing your social media strategy. But not to worry, our Social Media Agency in Abu Dhabi is one click away! 

It’s crucial to localize content for social media in Abu Dhabi to ensure that it resonates with the local audience. This involves creating content in Arabic or using local cultural references to make the content more relevant and relatable to the target audience. 

As a Social Media Marketing Agency in Abu Dhabi, we are a bilingual community of Marketers that can advertise your content fluently in Arabic as well as English, thus ensuring great communication with our fellow bilingual community of UAE.

Our team of experts can measure the success of your social media campaigns in Abu Dhabi by tracking metrics such as 

  • engagement rates, 
  • reach, 
  • impressions, 
  • click-through rates, and 
  • conversion rates. 

Our team will use these metrics to help you understand how well your campaigns are performing and help you optimize them for better results.

Using social media management tools can help you streamline your social media activities, save time, and improve the quality of your content. These tools can also help you monitor and analyze your social media performance, and make data-driven decisions to improve your social media campaigns.

Eighty-Six Media can help develop a social media strategy for your business in Abu Dhabi by conducting a social media audit, defining your target audience, developing a content plan and social media calendar, implementing and monitoring the strategy, and optimizing it for better results. All you have to do is just sit back and relax because our team has got your back!

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Our team of experts at Eighty Six Media is always ready to help and provide you with the necessary assistance you need. To learn more about our Social Media Services, Get in touch and we’ll be happy to walk you through!