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Local SEO Case Studies

With a heavy emphasis on local SEO, Eighty-Six Media is a well-known digital marketing company with offices in Abu Dhabi. Our team of professionals specializes in creating thorough SEO strategies tailored to local businesses’ unique requirements. They have contributed significantly to the success of enterprises by combining technological know-how, creativity, and a thorough awareness of the regional market.

SEO Case Studies

The different ways you can improve performance on search engines are shown in SEO case studies. You can then use what you learn to improve your plan by reviewing your primary findings for each. Case studies are a helpful source of knowledge since they offer you a rare chance to learn things practically by giving you findings and instances you can easily relate to. 

Why not pick up some tips from those already in use while using the best SEO strategies?

Understanding the Local SEO Landscape in Abu Dhabi

Before exploring the success stories, it’s critical to comprehend the distinctive local SEO environment in Abu Dhabi. Local firms must use digital marketing to stand out in the marketplace because of the city’s diversified culture and quickly expanding economy. 

Eighty-Six Media is an expert in navigating the current climate, and our accomplishments are showcased in the following, impressive case studies.

  1. Local SEO for Pretty Glow Box  
Local SEO Case Studies

Pretty Glow Box, a visionary skincare brand renowned for its unique and special skincare boxes, approached Eighty-Six Media for a comprehensive digital transformation. The primary objective was to enhance their online presence through local SEO strategies, ensuring their brand reached a wider audience in their target regions.

Understanding the Brand

Before diving into the SEO strategies, Eighty Six Media embarked on a journey to intimately understand Pretty Glow Box. This involved a thorough exploration of their brand narrative, core values, and visual preferences. By delving into the brand’s essence, Eighty Six Media was poised to create a tailored SEO approach that resonated authentically with Pretty Glow Box’s audience.

Strategy for Boosting Local SEO:

At Eighty Six Media, our collaboration with Pretty Glow Box began with a focus on enhancing their local SEO presence. To achieve this, we implemented a multi-faceted strategy tailored to their specific needs:

  • Local Keyword Optimization: We conducted in-depth keyword research to identify high-impact, location-specific keywords relevant to the cosmetic industry. By strategically incorporating these keywords into the website’s content, meta tags, and product descriptions, we aimed to improve Pretty Glow Box’s visibility in local search results.
  • Localized Content Creation: To further establish their local presence, we created region-specific content that highlighted Pretty Glow Box’s commitment to the Abu Dhabi cosmetic market. This content included blog posts, product spotlights, and customer testimonials tailored to resonate with the local audience.
  • Crafting Custom Images: Leveraging the insights gleaned from their brand immersion process, Eighty Six Media meticulously designed and captured custom images that epitomized Pretty Glow Box’s vision. Each photograph was masterfully crafted to mirror the brand’s commitment to elegance, simplicity, and product efficacy.
  • Personalizing the Website: The custom images were seamlessly integrated into Pretty Glow Box’s website, resulting in a visually compelling and engaging online platform. The website’s design and layout were meticulously curated to align harmoniously with the brand’s identity. Through these visuals, Eighty-Six Media aimed to create an immersive online experience that evoked emotions and resonated with visitors, strengthening their connection with the brand.  


The implementation of our targeted local SEO strategy yielded significant improvements in Pretty Glow Box’s online visibility within the Abu Dhabi market. Additionally, Pretty Glow Box experienced a surge in organic search traffic originating from local searches, indicating a strengthened local SEO presence.

Through our collaborative efforts, Pretty Glow Box successfully solidified its position as a prominent player in the Abu Dhabi cosmetic industry, attracting a growing customer base seeking unique and special skincare solutions. 

The case of Pretty Glow Box is a testament to the effectiveness of localized SEO strategies in driving business growth and establishing a strong foothold in the local market. This case study shows, overall, how good local SEO methods may greatly enhance local firms’ visibility and reputation, resulting in higher consumer engagement and better sales.

  1. Sunrise International School 
Local SEO Case Studies

Sunrise International School, a prestigious educational institution located in Abu Dhabi, sought to enhance its online presence and user experience. With a commitment to academic excellence, Sunrise aimed to connect with parents, students, and faculty through an intuitive and informative website.


Our task was to not only design an aesthetically pleasing website but also to implement a robust Local SEO strategy. The goal was to boost the school’s visibility in search engine results for parents seeking quality education options in Abu Dhabi.

Solution: Simple Design, Elaborate Execution

  • User-Centric Interface: We crafted a user-friendly interface that catered to the specific needs of parents, teachers, and students. The design prioritized intuitive navigation, ensuring seamless access to vital information about Sunrise’s courses and extracurricular activities.
  • Compelling Content Creation: To engage visitors and enhance SEO, we curated fresh, high-quality content. This content not only described the school’s offerings but also highlighted its unique approach to education. By incorporating relevant keywords, we optimized the content for search engine discoverability.
  • Strategic Call-to-Actions (CTAs): Strategic CTAs were strategically placed across the website to guide visitors toward desired actions. These included prompts for inquiries, registrations, and virtual tours. By strategically positioning CTAs, we aimed to increase user interaction and drive conversions.
  • Mobile Optimization: Recognizing the prevalence of mobile users, we ensured the website was fully responsive. This optimization not only improved user experience but also positively impacted SEO rankings, as search engines prioritize mobile-friendly websites.


Following the implementation of our Local SEO strategy, Sunrise International School experienced a significant surge in online visibility. The website’s organic search rankings improved, leading to a substantial increase in organic traffic. This, in turn, translated to higher inquiries and enrolments, meeting our client’s objectives. 

Through a blend of elegant design and strategic SEO execution, we transformed Sunrise International School’s online presence. The case exemplifies the power of Local SEO in driving targeted traffic and conversions for local businesses, establishing Sunrise as a prominent educational institution in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Al Areesh Restaurant, Abu Dhabi 
Local SEO Case Studies

In the vibrant culinary landscape of Abu Dhabi, Al Areesh Restaurant stood as a venerable institution with over 18 years of heritage, boasting multiple branches across the city. When Eighty Six Media embarked on the rebranding journey, our mission was two-fold: to infuse a fresh vitality into the restaurant’s identity, and to captivate both a new wave of patrons and rekindle the interest of its existing clientele, all while honoring its deep-rooted cultural legacy.


  • Honoring Tradition: Striking the perfect balance between preserving authenticity and infusing contemporary appeal was a formidable challenge.
  • Market Competition: Thriving in Abu Dhabi’s fiercely competitive Food and Beverage industry demanded an exceptional strategy to stand out.
  • Multiple Branches: Unifying the brand identity while respecting regional nuances posed a unique challenge.

Our Approach

  • Research: The cornerstone of our strategy was an exhaustive examination of the market landscape, assimilating feedback, and identifying emerging trends.
  • Brand Identity: Collaborating closely with stakeholders, we defined a new mission and vision, aligning the brand’s essence with its renewed identity.
  • Logo and Visuals: While preserving core elements, we crafted a modern logo, a visual representation that seamlessly blended tradition and innovation.
  • Menu: We infused innovation into the menu, introducing new dishes while preserving the cherished roots of the cuisine.
  • Digital Presence: A new website and strategic social media engagement amplified Al Areesh’s online presence, enhancing customer interaction.
  • Marketing: Strategic campaigns and events were meticulously orchestrated to herald the rebrand, ensuring a memorable debut.


  • Increased Footfall: The rebranding effort resulted in a noticeable surge in foot traffic, attracting a blend of both loyal patrons and a fresh wave of diners.
  • Expanded Customer Base: Al Areesh’s reimagined identity resonated with a diverse audience, broadening its customer demographic.
  • Positive Feedback: The seamless fusion of tradition and modernity garnered effusive praise, underlining the success of the rebranding.
  • Strong Online Presence: The enhanced digital strategy translated into heightened engagement, driving more orders and reservations.

Eighty-Six Media’s collaboration with Al Areesh Restaurant yielded a resounding success, repositioning it as a contemporary, yet culturally authentic, culinary destination in the competitive Abu Dhabi F&B landscape. 

This case study exemplifies the transformative power of Local SEO and strategic branding in revitalizing and elevating a venerable establishment. Ready to script your own success story? Contact us and embark on a journey to redefine your brand’s presence in the market. Let’s create remarkable results together!

  1. Elevating Snack Brand Visibility through Local SEO 

In a competitive market like the UAE, where snacking options abound, our client, Mawa, a prominent snack brand, sought to distinguish themselves. They understood that visual appeal played a pivotal role in enticing potential customers. With this in mind, they approached us to enhance their brand visibility through a combination of local search engine optimization (SEO) and creative content production.


While the product was of high quality, the challenge lay in making it stand out amidst the sea of snack options available. With a focus on localized marketing, the client aimed to target UAE-based consumers and drive foot traffic to their outlets.


Understanding the importance of visuals in today’s digital landscape, we embarked on a comprehensive photography shoot for the snack brand. We believe that compelling imagery conveys half the story, especially in the realm of consumer goods. The resulting images were carefully curated to capture the essence of the product in a visually engaging manner.


After the successful photo shoot, we integrated these captivating images into our local SEO strategy. We designed easy-to-read banners and templates that not only showcased the product’s uniqueness but also aligned seamlessly with the brand’s messaging. These materials were meticulously crafted to resonate with the local audience, ensuring maximum impact.


The integration of high-quality visuals into our local SEO efforts yielded impressive results. The snack brand experienced a notable increase in online visibility, particularly within the UAE. This translated into higher foot traffic at their physical outlets, ultimately boosting sales.

Expanding Beyond Photography

As we witnessed the success of our photography-driven local SEO approach, our collaboration with the brand extended beyond imagery. We recognized the potential of videography in today’s digital landscape and began producing promotional advertisements. This multifaceted approach not only diversified their content portfolio but also expanded their reach across various online platforms.

By leveraging the power of local SEO in conjunction with visually compelling content, we were able to position our client’s snack brand as a standout choice in the UAE market. The integration of creative imagery into the SEO strategy proved to be a winning formula, ultimately driving increased visibility, foot traffic, and sales. This case study exemplifies how a tailored approach to local SEO, combined with captivating visuals, can significantly impact a brand’s presence and success in a competitive market.


These case studies on local SEO case studies from Abu Dhabi demonstrate the enormous influence of Eighty-Six Media’s know-how on the industry. They have helped businesses in this hectic metropolis survive in the digital environment by using a combination of meticulous analysis, tailored strategy, and unrelenting work. The outcomes in each situation speak for themselves: improved internet trust, more website traffic, and, most crucially, significant revenue growth.

Local SEO is still an essential tool for companies of all sizes, even as the digital landscape continues to change. The successful examples of SEO Case Studies in Abu Dhabi’s Premier Roofing Services, Blissful Bites, the real estate firm, and Zen Wellness Spa show that organizations can dominate their local market, draw in the proper clientele, and experience long-term success with the right strategy and professional advice.

The local SEO know-how provided by Eighty-Six Media is a ray of hope for companies looking to succeed in the internet market in a city as vibrant and competitive as Abu Dhabi. The essential lesson from these case studies is obvious: when it comes to local SEO Case Studies in Abu Dhabi, expertise, planning, and perseverance are crucial for elevating a company from obscurity to prominence in the online space.


1.    What are SEO case studies?

Ans- SEO case studies are real-world examples of the techniques used to improve a website’s organic traffic, obtain better leads, and improve conversion rates.

2.    Why is local SEO so crucial?

Ans- Local SEO is a digital marketing tactic that enables you to optimize your website for improved search engine positioning and local audience reach. By optimizing your location and address, you make it easier for customers to find your company online and encourage them to visit it in person.

3.    How successful is regional SEO?

Ans- Local SEO matters a lot. In actuality, local searches make up 46% of all Google searches. This implies that if you run a local business and your local SEO cannot be in order, they’re lost out on business each time a local user looks for your goods or services online. And many people are looking.

4.    Case study with example: What is it?

Ans- Case studies in business, for instance, might discuss a specific firm’s strategy or an entire market; similarly, case studies in politics can range from a narrow happening over time, like the operations of a particular political campaign, to an enormous…

5.    Is regional SEO natural?

Ans- While organic SEO focuses on increasing a website’s exposure in more general search results, local SEO is concerned with improving a business’s visibility in local search results.

6.    What variations exist in local SEO?

Ans- Because Google displays two different sorts of search results for local searches, local SEO is a game of two halves. This includes the “map pack” and “blue link” organic results. Both of them allow you to rank.

7.    Why is local SEO advantageous for businesses?

Ans- Businesses gain from local SEO by becoming more visible online, drawing in more nearby clients, and generating foot traffic at their physical sites. In the cutthroat market of today, it makes firms stand out in local search results.

8.    What part does local SEO play for Google My Business?

Ans- Local SEO relies heavily on Google My Business. It enables companies to set up comprehensive online profiles, handle customer evaluations, offer crucial details (such as NAPs), and appear on Google Maps. For local SEO to be successful, your Google My Business listing needs to be optimized and maintained.

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